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Sadie September 29, 2008

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How gorgeous is this little chocolate lab that loves to play?  I know!  Sadie is a ball hog and a thoroughly delightful playmate.  She has impeccable manners too.

And she is a monster for the rawhide bone.  Her favorite, at least when I was there.  It’s a good way to make it look like you’re not tired when you really are…from playing fetch.  (I’m on to you, Sadie).

I had a wonderful afternoon with her entertaining me.  It was most playful and relaxing at the same time and we narrowly escaped a pesky storm so it turned out great!  By the way, Sadie’s Mom runs a kick-butt beverage catering service, Bar Fly, which also happens to be behind Dog Fest:  The best dog street party in downtown (or anywhere, if you ask me).  It’s coming next spring so check it out!


Brutus, Scooter & Ziggy September 27, 2008

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Brutus is a Boxer. (This could totally be an episode of Sesame Street).  He is also a charmer, a comedian and a puppy.  About 6 months old now, he is a riot to watch and play with.

He makes the funniest faces because, of course, he is all lips!  Which serves him well since he sings along with the harmonica- tee hee- that was hysterical!

He is a barrel of monkeys and a ball of sunshine; never wasting an opportunity to make me laugh or shed some sweetness over everyone.

Scooter, I’m sure you’ve already guessed, is one of the cutest things on planet earth.  Oh, and he’s a Miniature Dachshund.  He loves his papasan chair and chasing lizards.

He also has the most kissable, squishable little muffin feet- hee hee!  🙂

He was quite attentive, in between his lizard hunting obligations, and he loves cookies (which is probably why he was quite attentive ;-))  He is serious but casual and has a very sweet and patient character.

He is a little joy and manages to avoid getting stepped on too much by his brothers.  😉

Ziggy is the sweet and soulful Brittany Spaniel, topping the hierarchy of the three-dog gang.  He is a wise 14 years old but don’t think the spunk has retired…

He loves to take a good squirm in the grass.  He certainly loved the crunchy delectables that I brought along and he definitely likes to read the breeze on a nice afternoon.

He also has the CUTEST little freckled nose, right?!

I had to share this because it’s pretty much hysterical.  You see, Ziggy is like the retired Sunday morning cartoon in that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  This instance (and the many other photos I took of his “smile”) resulted from the fact that I happened to have a treat in my other hand.  Well, Brutus came wandering over and stuck his nose in the air.  Ziggy had worked too hard for the treat so he decided to let Brutus know this simple fact.  For the record, there was no snarling, growling, lunging, what-have-you and Brutus knows when to take a hint so there was no danger.  This was all occurring in timely fashion: When I pulled the camera away from my eye, Ziggy would stop “smiling”.  And the minute I looked back through the viewfinder, it was his cue to force the smile.  This left me laughing so hard I could barely take a photograph.  But I did, quite a few, and then I thanked him for giving me a preview of his Halloween costume before the general public.  I felt quite entitled.

These boys were simply amazing.  They all get along so great, minding their p’s and “cues”.  They are full of love and sugar and spice and everything nice (yes, it’s still boys I’m talking about) and they made my day.  I was very honored to have been able to get to know them.


I’m back! September 24, 2008

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I know, it’s a bit later than expected…sort of.  I worked a little later than expected in TV land, going into early September.  Then I zipped it down to south Florida to be with my grandma during a surgery she had.  She has joined the pink ribbon club but she seems to be recovering quite nicely.  She is spunky and fiesty and told that silly breast cancer where it could stick it so we’re hopeful it won’t be coming back if it knows what’s good for it.  Then of course, I made a visit to the ER myself the following week with an appendix scare and then, only after I took it easy per doctors orders was I finally able to start catching up with everything on planet Earth.  I’ve been back for week or so, playing with fabulous dogs that I haven’t had time to gush about until now.  So, the next post, I promise will have pictures of cutie patooties galore!

I know no one is probably very interested in my medical history but I had to provide the reason I’ve been MIA for so long and missing my doggies!  But yes, I am back and ready for this fabulous weather (and crisp leaves to roll around in) that fall will bring!   Cheers! 🙂


Availability Update July 21, 2008

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What a wonderful summer it’s been so far! I’ve gotten to meet SO MANY incredible animals and their families: Thank you everyone!

As many of you know (or if you’ve read my bio on the Photohound website), “When I’m not digging holes with dogs, I often freelance in the film & TV industry”. Well, It’s that time again! For the next several weeks I’ll be taking post on a TV show, while trying not to daydream too much about dogs.

Therefore, my next available booking dates are for the month of September and beyond, on a stand-by basis. This just means that if you’d like to book a session, I will get all of your information and let you know as soon as specific dates are available- first come, first called.

Obviously this will not affect already booked & confirmed appointments, you guys are solid and good to go! 🙂

And just a note: I will probably be doing a lot of my photography work in the wee hours so email will be the best way to correspond.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you again!


Muffin Man, Tansey & Duke

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These pups are all part of a family called Compassionate Canines, a small dog rescue organization here in Winter Park, FL. Although I photographed only 3 (and they are spoken for by the wonderful woman who runs the organization) I did meet the rest and let me tell you…if I had more space in my apartment boy would I be in trouble. If you are looking to add to your family, please check out the rest of the sweeties on her website. 🙂


What a fitting name, right?! He is SOOOO cute. An incredibly friendly chap who loves to smile. He doesn’t ask for much, just a little relaxation and some attention now and then. I wanted to stuff him in my camera bag and take him home.

And this is funny… his Mom had mentioned that he responds the song “Do you Know the Muffin Man”. So, I decided to try it out while working with him. It’s HYSTERICAL! The minute you start singing it, he tilts his head and becomes completely engrossed in you. And it didn’t matter how incredibly awful I sang (there is no other way for me) or that I felt like a total doofus, I did it anyway and I did it a lot. My apologies to the neighbors 😉


To call Tansey (as in Mark Tansey) a miniature schnauzer would be an understatement. She is 5 lbs at a year old. I know, how adorable is that? She’s a bundle of energy, must have all the attention and LOVES to play.

She is too cute for words and having grown up with Schnauzers I got to take a step back to childhood for a while which is always fun. 😉


Don’t let the name fool you, Duke is super shy but sooo freakin’ adorable! He’s reserved and serious and likes to hang in the background until one of his siblings comes to rough him up. hee hee

He taps around and thinks about things and he just makes you want to dip him in chocolate and eat him up! hee hee!! 🙂


Sasha & Goldie July 14, 2008

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I first photographed Sasha last year when she was an only child- hee hee! She was a shy and playful and we had a good play time. She now has a little sister. And we know what children do to us…They make us mature and wise and mellow, which is exactly what she exuded this time.

She still has a playful spirit but she had such an increased air of maturity about her, allowing her new sister to fill the role of puppy. She spent some quiet time relaxing and taking a few breaks to give it back to Goldie when Goldie started in on her 😉

Goldie is an energetic mix of what a DNA test says is Chow (her ears give it away for me). I’m willing to bet the house that there’s a big chunk of Golden Retriever in her too. She compliments Sasha very well as differing personalities often do. She’s (pardon the expression) ballsy and not in the tennis kind of way, charging into the center of fun like a well-groomed gladiator. Her thoughts start in the body and the mind catches up, evident in the way she leaps and pounces without caring for what lay ahead, be it cushions or Sasha or people. And I certainly don’t mean the undisciplined kind of jumping, she’s taken her obedience lessons to heart. But she has a definite personality of a tom boy with a mind of her own. 😉

She also is the only dog I’ve ever known to actually CATCH lizards. Yes, most dogs here in Florida chase them but it’s strictly for sport and that’s only because they can’t catch them like cats can. Goldie catches them. Talent show anyone?

She loves to create fun, thoroughly enjoys a good swim to cool off and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to start a game of tug or tease-the-sister. 😉