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Spirit the Weimaraner April 23, 2007

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All of us have those dogs that know simple commands. They’ve done them over and over and over and yet still they test us when it’s showtime. For mine, it’s “down”. Easiest thing ever, yet I somehow have to repeat it, like 7 times before they might actually look at the floor and think about it. This is why, when I met Spirit today, he completed me. I don’t make a point of using commands during a shoot but for some shots it’s helpful. Well, Spirit had a “down” like no other. He would drop immediately, despite his large breed size and gangly limbs. This is why I got carried away. As soon as I saw that reaction, I couldn’t get enough of the novelty and got whisked away to “down” town. I knew that I would probably never see this again -especially from mine- so I probably said “down” about 150 times in my excitement (sorry Melissa, it’s the little things.) “Erica, I told you he can ride a tricycle while twirling a hula hoop around his neck”. “Yeah, but he does that “down” thing so well, I think I’ll stick with that”. That’s pretty much how I felt so I thought I’d write some silly paragraph about it. Overall, Spirit was an absolute pleasure: A snugglebug, a lizard hunter and an incredibly endearing fellow with looks to boot!



2 Responses to “Spirit the Weimaraner”

  1. Sherry Says:

    It is great that you have started a blog. Maggie and Buster where fortunate to have you as their “personal photographer” last fall. You were just great with both of them, even after Buster tried to escape from the ball field. Thanks for sharing your “dog” story on your blog. Keep us posted on your “dog world”. Sherry

  2. photohound Says:

    I had so much fun with those two. Thanks for visiting and sayin’ hi. Tell Mr. Ridiculous I hope he’s doing fancy. 🙂

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