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Thor & Loki May 2, 2007

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These guys were soooo cool. Both are very Great Danes. Thor is younger and all black and Loki is merle (did I spell that right?) First of all, Thor is really intimidating because he has a big bark, and all that, when you come to the door which doesn’t phase me but he was like 170 lbs and as tall as I was on four legs! Loki’s new thing was to bark at you from behind a couple of chairs at the entrance and that was so adorable. Thor turned out to be the sweetest “little” thing ever and I told his Mom that if he talked, his voice would sound like Mike Tyson.

Loki let me dress her up in her favorite snake toy and just sat there. I think she has a career on the runway if you ask me. She was so great and she was constantly trying to figure out ways to steal treats from my bag. Loki “The Viking God of Mischief”.

Thor was just a love bug.


I was talking to my Dad about the session because he has a Great Dane and he tried to get me to call those folks up so he could stop by and meet the dogs. I told him that would be weird and “No, it’s a client, not a playhouse and they don’t want strange old men just stopping by” so he settled for a detailed description of how super duper cool they both were. Thanks Thor & Loki!

p.s. I’m not really that mean to my Dad and if anyone likes strange old men popping by to visit people’s dogs just let me know and I’ll send him the message. 🙂


3 Responses to “Thor & Loki”

  1. Irene Says:

    Beautiful shots of the Danes. We have 3, two of which look like the 2 above and I can totally understand your father’s request… I would’ve done the same. By the way, what type of lens did you use for the 3rd shot? Aperture? etc?

  2. photohound Says:

    Thank you! I’ve let my Dad know that he has someone on his team- ha ha.

    For the third shot I used a Minolta FISH-EYE (16mm) at between f2.8 & f4 (If I remember correctly). The film was AGFA APX 400 speed. It’s a great naturally contrast-ey film that they’ve discontinued-grrr- but I know they still have stock at B&H Photo, at least last time I checked. Hi to your Dane family!

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