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Tess May 11, 2007

Filed under: dog photo shoot,Photo Shoot — photohound @ 7:20 pm

Thank you, Tess for a wonderful photo session! I was so nervous. Tess’ Mom waited a long time to redeem her gift certificate so she could get Tess used to humans. She was VERY skiddish and wouldn’t come near anybody. So, I thought I’d be there for like 8 hours and walk away with some very far away dog pictures. Ha! I got totally carried away and Tess became my new BFF. Skiddish, smiddish! She was all up in my grill and I’ve got the pics to prove it. She has definitely come a long way and she is hours of entertainment to watch.
She confiscated a giant rubber ball that the neighborhood kids had left in the park,tess4blog.jpg
took ownership of a very old 7-11 Big Gulp that she found in the bushes tess5blog.jpg
and played tug-o-war like there was no tomorrow. It was a beautiful day (one without humidity in May, in Florida- weird) and I really enjoyed her company…and meeting the rest of her family (2 cats who know they are very pretty :-), and two GIANT rabbits that scoot around out back.)


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