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Happy Mother’s Day May 15, 2007

Filed under: My dogs,Thunderstorm Anxiety — photohound @ 11:52 pm

The first hardware casualty of the season occurred just in time for Mother’s Day. “Oh, you shouldn’t have…” I told you I’d share some pictures so here’s the most recent. The stinky thing is that once there’s a hole in the door, our boxer goes inside and basically makes a buffet out of things. On this particular day he chewed the end of an extra ethernet cable. Don’t panic, it wasn’t plugged in or anything, but now it never will be because one end is mangled.

Keep in mind that the photos you see don’t even reflect Maya’s best work. We don’t have any pictures of that occassion because it was at a point where we actually had hope it would stop. Now that we know it will just keep happening (she’s even on a new anti-anxiety medication) we can find the patience and humor to photograph. hee hee.

However, this is a serious issue and if anyone has any suggestions for making it easier on her during t-storms we have our ears completely open. She hurts hurself when she does this (you can see the “Manson” marks all over the rest of the door). Although it’s not a serious injury, having your gums bleed on top of being completely frightened cannot be a pleasant.

She ups her meds to a higher dose next week, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

On a lighter note, I have to share this pic of her in her favorite spot: the laundry basket. She gets into her “Exalted Fetus” pose- a yoga position she made up- and has a good ol’ time dreaming away. A pitiful bull if you ask me :-). This was in the middle of the afternoon and I hardly even had any laundry to pad it (which is miraculous in itself). I suppose she just likes being held together. Don’t we all, sometimes?


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