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Willow- 2008 SPCA calendar May May 23, 2007

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I got to visit a 5-cat household today and if that’s not a test for my allergies, I don’t know what is (I’m allergic to animals, by the way- hee hee). Anyway, I passed that test as I didn’t end up in the hospital connected to an asthmatic’s machine. I actually think I’ve shocked my allergies into submission with my career choice. Yep, I’ve won the war (I’ve been off any allergy meds for over a year now- take that big pharma!)

Oh gosh, anyway WILLOW. Yes, Willow (a short-haired tabby) is the diva of the household. She’s 21 years old so being the only one who can by beer for the rest of the feline family helps a bit when applying for Goddess status. Willow is so funny. She has appearances to uphold so when she forgets where she’s going or why she walked into to a room (or to the left or right or on the carpet, etc.) she does a good job of pretending she knows exactly what’s going on.
We played a little bit in the house and then outside. And by playing I mean, watching her ignore me- ha ha. Her siblings were the ones who wanted to be on the cover of Cat Monthly. Which by the way is not too far fetched. Willow, ladies and gentlemen, is my first completed session for the 2008 Orlando Humane Society – SPCA Calendar. She will henceforth be recognized as Miss May and if you don’t like it, you can just move to another district. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of that and when they go on sale. Yay, fundraiser!
Anyway, Willow was awesome and I had great time with her Mom (person) and siblings (an attractive menagerie of the cat species).
The head man, Gus, also got in a couple shots because he told me I would “swim with the fishies” otherwise.


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