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Molly- 2008 SPCA calendar Cover June 21, 2007

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Molly had arrived unannounced on her owner’s patio with a tummy full of puppies and a heart on her head. Seriously, there’s a white heart marking on the top of her head- it’s pretty neat. So, what else could one do but to keep her and spoil her for all the days to come. The puppies were given to other homes and Molly had a permanent place in the house.
She is a sweet, sweet girl and LOVES cookies. She doesn’t dig getting her feet wet in the morning grass dew and, although part lab, is not interested in swimming thank you very much. She does enjoy playing with her little sister (an equally sweet human), lounging in her soft bed and playing with toys.
She has soulful eyes, a caring demeanor and I am happy that she ended up on the right doorstep….’cause I got to meet her. 🙂


Luke – 2008 SPCA Calendar July June 20, 2007

I really enjoyed playing with Luke because I felt like I was playing with my own dog, Maya. Luke is a pit mix, like mine. Black, like mine. However, Luke is much better behaved, well-mannered and a boy. Luke’s Mom and I sat out in the neighborhood park for a couple hours. Luke chased lizards, chased toys, read the morning news in the breeze and tried to sneak a game of tug WHEREVER an opportunity presented itself (the photographer’s sweaty washcloth, the photographer’s lens cloth, the photographers plastic cover sheet) and it was hysterical because he was always trying to plot his next tug operation like we didn’t know what was going on- ha ha!
Tug-of-war is not encouraged by his parents and I want to take a moment and APPLAUD them for giving the breed a chance and a great home. I am a bully breed owner and mine came with a slew of problems (see thunderstorm anxiety and any other stereotypical pit frustration) but I wouldn’t give her up for the world and I’m obsessively responsible regarding her interactions with other animals/people.
When you have a great dog like Luke that can act as an example as how wonderful and sweet the breed can be (he LOVES giving kisses) I hand it to the owners for spreading the word. I want to see more Lukes! Anyway, I had tons of fun with Luke while noticing the similar endearing mannerisms that he shares with my own little girl (tilting his head back to enjoy the breeze, taking toys apart in the same meticulous way, and moments of deep thought on a quiet morning outdoors.)


Sasha – 2008 SPCA Calendar April June 16, 2007

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Holy sweetest thing ever. This Golden was so gentle and so kind and so tolerant of how many times I had her do the tricks she knows. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a 50/50 chance as to whether my dogs will decide to perform the 2 commands they know so I find it interesting when I get to hang out with good listeners. Watching other dogs do tricks with such speed and willingness is a novelty I can never pass up.

Sasha was a little camera shy when the giant camera got up close but you’d never know by the pictures (she’s easily comforted by treats :-)) as I was able to get a picture of the cutest set of teeth I’ve ever seen.
hee hee!
She was truly amazing and has a giant heart. I had a blast with her.


Boomerang- 2008 SPCA Calendar January

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Boomerang’s parents are going to start a new trend. Dual ownership! Yeah, it’s genius. He has two homes and it’s not because of a break-up followed by a custody battle. One set of owners are musicians and they travel a lot. They didn’t want to give the dog up so they sought out a 2nd owner. A stranger heard the word and thought it a wonderful idea. All have since become the best of friends (so much so that they have a pet sitter when they all travel together :-)).
I can attest to the benefits of this arrangement as “Boomie” (their nickname for him) is very well-rounded, very independent (he takes himself for walks and moves to the shoulder when an unknown car approaches) and an incredibly huggable pup.


Isabella, Riley & Charlie Brown- 2008 SPCA Calendar March

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Okay, I officially LOVE Cavalier King Charles spaniels. I’m pretty sure Dr. Suess had one at some point because they have Seuss feet and Seuss tails. And Seuss hair and Suess nails…
Anyway, these three were such a tight-knit bunch. They honestly liked to hang out with one another and each had such great personalities!
Isabella is the petite little lady whose face I’d like to just pinch and squeeze. I settled for just squealing over her though. Such a little angel!
Riley, oh Riley. Riley is the sweetest little guy who wants to be a part of the group and enjoys just observing from a comfortable snooze spot. He reminded me of the cowardly lion except without the coward part (he’s the same color though) or John Goodman if we’re onto celebrity look-a-likes.
Charlie Brown is lizard hunter extraordinaire and prefers the more active lifestyle. He has great eyes and likes to watch over his sister.

My husband acted as my assistant on this shoot and the next day he actually had Riley’s whimper stuck in his head like a song. Hubby says, “I actually miss hearing it. I think I miss them, they were really cool dogs.” I laughed out loud since I had to con him into being my assistant in the first place…and then I agreed. It was 4 hours of fabulousness.


Calling all celebrity look-a-likes June 13, 2007

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I’m curious. Does anyone else have dogs that resemble celebrities? If so, I want comparison pictures from you all. Send ’em to me at and I’ll post ’em. Here’s who Mac’s separated at birth from 🙂


Bandit & Kokopelli- 2008 SPCA calendar September June 12, 2007

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I met Bandit & Kokopelli at Gemini Springs in Debary for our photo session. It is a beautiful dog park amongst old trees and plenty of brush to play in. They were certainly fun to work with we trekked all along the park munching on grass (well, I didn’t) and searching for lizards (I kind of helped on that one.)

Bandit is a 14 year old Lab/Terrier mix and the alpha dog when it comes to who gets a treat first. She also likes to soak her feet in the water bowl to cool off. Pedicures for everyone! A charming little lady and great companion.

Kokopelli is the younger Lab/Chow mix and critter hunter extraordinaire. When she sets her mind to finding anything reptilian, watch out, she’s unstoppable.

She loves her older sister and always lets her take the treat first. Such manners 🙂