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Casey & Baxter- 2008 SPCA calendar June June 7, 2007

Filed under: Chow,dog photo shoot,dogs,German Shepherd,Lab,SPCA Calendar — photohound @ 12:39 pm

Casey (Lab/Chow) & Baxter (Chow/Shepard) are two peas in a pod. Sometimes Casey wants the whole pod to herself but who can argue? hee hee. They both made my day fun and easy.

Casey is not into toys or balls (and she calls herself half lab- hmph!) and she has such a SWEET personality paired with melty eyes.

She also makes her legs into porkchops when she lies down which I always fancy.

Baxter is the more “mature” of the pair and borrows Casey’s ears once in a while to make sure he’s keeping up on the news. A true sweetheart with a wise soul and enjoys perpeptually circling the yard for whatever reason he did not tell me. 🙂

He also KIND OF looks like Jack Nicholson.


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