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Vegas June 8, 2007

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The name says it all. A couple wild nights before I arrived, Vegas partied and came home with a mohawk which was TOTALLY AWESOME! He is a 1 year old Golden Doodle who is not golden by any means and his grey-white face gives more the impression that he shares his age (and party life) with Keith Richards. You know what they tell young dogs about too much sniffing…

Appearances proof nothing however as Vegas is totally drug free (not even doggie ritalin), doesn’t eat people food (except the banana he pulled out of the garbage the other day) and goes to school every other day. He also is a total freak about his ball and loves to nuzzle.

Vegas, you rocked. Thanks for the hard core game of fetch 😉


2 Responses to “Vegas”

  1. Poodlekiss Says:

    A poodle with a mohawk…simply awesome…great photos!

  2. hank Says:

    I have a poodle too!
    I am also seriously considering getting a Mohawk on my dog next time I visit the groomers!!!!!!!!!!

    rock on!

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