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Bandit & Kokopelli- 2008 SPCA calendar September June 12, 2007

Filed under: Chow,dog photo shoot,dogs,Lab,SPCA Calendar — photohound @ 3:23 pm

I met Bandit & Kokopelli at Gemini Springs in Debary for our photo session. It is a beautiful dog park amongst old trees and plenty of brush to play in. They were certainly fun to work with we trekked all along the park munching on grass (well, I didn’t) and searching for lizards (I kind of helped on that one.)

Bandit is a 14 year old Lab/Terrier mix and the alpha dog when it comes to who gets a treat first. She also likes to soak her feet in the water bowl to cool off. Pedicures for everyone! A charming little lady and great companion.

Kokopelli is the younger Lab/Chow mix and critter hunter extraordinaire. When she sets her mind to finding anything reptilian, watch out, she’s unstoppable.

She loves her older sister and always lets her take the treat first. Such manners 🙂


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