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Fiona & Charlotte June 12, 2007

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I had seen these two at events over the past two years and wanted to shoot them so bad! So when their Mom booked a session I felt like I had finally been asked to the prom (sigh). The mutt-acious combination of which they are created couldn’t be cuter as I just wanted to eat them up.
Fiona is a Pug/Beagle/Terrier who, according to her Mom, resembles the creature in Alien: Resurrection. I agree, except Fiona’s WAY cuter (and less slimy). She’s not a big fan of the grass and she has stark white terrier hairs on her face that stand out great.
Charlotte is a Dachshund/Cavalier mix who goes cuh-RAZY over tennis balls. She’s even climbed book shelves to retrieve hidden ones! She’s low to the ground and plows right throught the yard when one is thrown. So fast, that she’s back before I could even get the camera up to my eye!
She’s so funny and she didn’t mind me throwing a sheet over her head, either. She’ll do anything if the end result is a ball being thrown.

I had a lot of fun with these guys and it didn’t end up like Lenny and the rabbits from Of Mice & Men. It totally could have too, because I just wanted to pet them and pet them and pet them and pinch their little cheeks and pet them….


6 Responses to “Fiona & Charlotte”

  1. emily Says:

    no comments?! how can there be no comments!! these are the cutest dogs in the world!!!!!

    of course, i’m biased…

  2. Claudia Mink Says:

    Fiona and Charlotte are my grandnieces. Having disclosed that, I can say that not only are they the cutest ever but these photos are absolutely fantastic!

  3. Markle Says:

    Creature from Alien: Resurrection–totally, especially that 2nd photo!!

  4. Debbie&Grandpa Says:

    Who says only a relative can love these babies?

  5. Elise Says:

    Great Pics!

    Ok- this is very very strange…. I live in Pittsburgh and i recently adopted 2 dogs from the animal shelter. One looks EXACTLY like this dog. i happened to find this website b/c i was searching different dog breed combinations to try to figure out what breeds they are. The girl looks exactly like Fiona. They boy is believed to be her brother. they look very similar but he does not have the ‘white quills’ in his face! Just curious if you know for certain Fiona is a pug/beagle/terrier mix…if so, that is definitely what my dogs are. If you’d like to see a pic let me know…. they are IDENTICAL!

  6. melissa Says:

    I think i have the only other doxie/cav mix in the world. they are awesome!

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