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Boomerang- 2008 SPCA Calendar January June 16, 2007

Filed under: Chow,Long-Haired Retriever,Mixed Breed,SPCA Calendar — photohound @ 1:46 pm

Boomerang’s parents are going to start a new trend. Dual ownership! Yeah, it’s genius. He has two homes and it’s not because of a break-up followed by a custody battle. One set of owners are musicians and they travel a lot. They didn’t want to give the dog up so they sought out a 2nd owner. A stranger heard the word and thought it a wonderful idea. All have since become the best of friends (so much so that they have a pet sitter when they all travel together :-)).
I can attest to the benefits of this arrangement as “Boomie” (their nickname for him) is very well-rounded, very independent (he takes himself for walks and moves to the shoulder when an unknown car approaches) and an incredibly huggable pup.


2 Responses to “Boomerang- 2008 SPCA Calendar January”

  1. Dierdre Says:

    What mix is this dog? I have one that is amazingly identical. he is very Blue/grey in color/ with a blue/black tongue. They look like twins!

  2. photohound Says:

    “Boomie” is a Chow/Long-Haired Retriever.

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