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Molly- 2008 SPCA calendar Cover June 21, 2007

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Molly had arrived unannounced on her owner’s patio with a tummy full of puppies and a heart on her head. Seriously, there’s a white heart marking on the top of her head- it’s pretty neat. So, what else could one do but to keep her and spoil her for all the days to come. The puppies were given to other homes and Molly had a permanent place in the house.
She is a sweet, sweet girl and LOVES cookies. She doesn’t dig getting her feet wet in the morning grass dew and, although part lab, is not interested in swimming thank you very much. She does enjoy playing with her little sister (an equally sweet human), lounging in her soft bed and playing with toys.
She has soulful eyes, a caring demeanor and I am happy that she ended up on the right doorstep….’cause I got to meet her. đŸ™‚


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