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Chelsea – 2008 SPCA Calendar November July 25, 2007

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I had a bright and early shoot (as frequent during this time of year, to avoid afternoon gloom and doom) with Chelsea the other day and it couldn’t have been more peaceful. She is a very sweet, very thoughtful, very soulful golden with a white face that marks the wonderful years she’s graced her family’s life. She enjoys swimming but we didn’t partake in that activity that day. Instead, Chelsea let me watch her think her thoughts and sometimes played with a stuffed heart that I brought along- like she needed any more heart.
Okay, I have to poke fun here…somehow I also happened to catch her doing a REALLY ACCURATE IMITATION OF A SLOTH (see above) ha ha- she should go on Letterman.
Anyhoo, she recently had a bit of surgery so we kept it very low energy and the photographs make me feel relaxed when I look at them.
Thank you kindly, Chelsea. 🙂


Roxy July 15, 2007

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I had the pleasure of meeting Roxy on a nice early morning last week. She enjoyed playing with the toys I brought and I enjoyed watching her unique style. Most dogs engage the squeaker on a toy by squeezing the toy between their jaws. Roxy made things squeak by leaving them on the ground and poking the squeaking area with her nose, like a button (is that considered using tools?)

She was muy scared of the camera at first but she and I spent some time learning that it doesn’t bite. And after I told her it would make her look super cute and her sisters (2 pugs who couldn’t stand the thought of a photo shoot that didn’t involve them) even more jealous, she warmed up to the idea.
She is a major sweetheart with soulful eyes, a good set of brains and a knack for relaxing.


Charlie – 2008 SPCA calendar December

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Charlie is a mixture of something involving a terrier. Named after the hurricane which eventually brought him to the loving folks he calls family, his favorite activity is…sleeping. Charlie’s session took place on what I swear was the hottest, humidist day on record in Florida. Although it was early in the morning, Charlie really had better things to do than watch his hair frizz up and convinced me that he would be better off inside…napping. Luckily his gorgeous home had large windows on each side of the house and we had enough light to photograph the prince lounging on his throne instead of on the pool deck. 🙂
He loves to nap and positions himself in all sorts of contortions, just to keep it interesting. The only time he isn’t napping is when you’re paying attention to his feline siblings. There can be none of that because if you’re not paying attention to him, well then he just can’t get a good sleep and that’s that.

He was an absolute darling and such a snuggle butt! Thanks for keepin’ me cool Charlie!


Sassy – 2008 SPCA Calendar August July 3, 2007

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Sassy is a charming little dame with a knack for relaxing. A retired racing pup, she was adopted by a loving family and has mastered the art of doing nothing -hee hee. This is not a bad thing at all! As her Mom says, after racing for 5 years she certainly deserves it. I agree. She likes chicken snacks, tracking squirrels (duh, read “greyhound”) and lounging in her bed or any other carpeted area.
She showed me what she was made of when she got the urge to do lightning bolts around me in the yard. Very fast indeed. She then decided it was time to rest and it was getting a little too hot outside. I managed to get some purty little shots of her where she’s most happy. Lying down. Inside. Sassy has a sweet little reindeer face and I had much fun getting to know her.


Jewel & Dallas – 2008 SPCA Calendar February

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Yay horses! I LOVE horses. So, I was delighted when Jewel & Dallas’ parents decided it was the horses they would put in next year’s calendar.
They were both absolutely gorgeous and both thoroughly enjoyed the apples I brought along (the dogs enjoyed stealing my tub of carrots while I wasn’t looking- hee hee:-))

Dallas, the chestnut-colored beauty, has a friendly kick of spunk in her and instigated the sprints around the front yard.
She likes coming up to the camera for her close-up, rolling around in the dirt and eating Mom’s flowers (because she’s not supposed to.)

Jewel enjoyed a good run as well, especially when prompted by her sister. She is a sweet, independent girl who enjoys staring into the breeze.
We waited for her to roll around in the dirt too but she knew we wanted her to so she pretended she had no desire to do any such thing. 😉



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I had the privilege of meeting the most ball-driven being I think I’ve ever encountered, even for a yellow lab. Honestly, we played for two straight hours on land, in water and everything in between and Beau still was shakin’ crazy over the ball.
It truly was a sight. He’s very determined, very focused and very excited…about balls. If you hide the tennis ball, he grabs a soccer ball. He leaps into the pool, he charges into thick brush- he is virtually unstoppable. He was a GREAT play mate and so fun to watch. I left Beau’s house to grab some breakfast and two cups of coffee couldn’t keep me awake. It’s usually the dog that needs a nap after I leave, but not today. Beau, I thank you for switching it up a bit- I went home and had a very pleasant snooze. 🙂


Ashley, Molly & Hershey- 2008 SPCA Calendar October

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I had a great time with these three and they live within walking distance of my own house so I’m sure I’ll see them on a stroll sometime again soon.
Ashley the cocker spaniel may be the smallest but she manages to keep all the others under control by means of a GIANT heart. Following close behind that heart is a huge heap of patience as well as a bit of creativity (Honestly, she offered suggestions of places to sit and angles to shoot so I can’t take all the credit for her cute pics- she told me what to do 🙂
Molly is the sister half of the same-littered lab duo. She is smart, independent, likes to be chased and also likes her ball. What she doesn’t so much like is swimming. When prodded she goes REALLY slow and then remains on the stairs to watch for the remainder of play time. Swimming is for her brother.
Hershey (yes, he’s a chocolate). He’s very inquisitive, very willing to please and SO ridiculously cute. He loves treats and his face just kept me in hysterics. I know he thinks about profound things but I just couldn’t figure out what. 🙂