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Beau July 3, 2007

Filed under: dog photo shoot,dogs,Lab,Photo Shoot,Yellow Lab — photohound @ 2:29 pm

I had the privilege of meeting the most ball-driven being I think I’ve ever encountered, even for a yellow lab. Honestly, we played for two straight hours on land, in water and everything in between and Beau still was shakin’ crazy over the ball.
It truly was a sight. He’s very determined, very focused and very excited…about balls. If you hide the tennis ball, he grabs a soccer ball. He leaps into the pool, he charges into thick brush- he is virtually unstoppable. He was a GREAT play mate and so fun to watch. I left Beau’s house to grab some breakfast and two cups of coffee couldn’t keep me awake. It’s usually the dog that needs a nap after I leave, but not today. Beau, I thank you for switching it up a bit- I went home and had a very pleasant snooze. 🙂


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