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Jewel & Dallas – 2008 SPCA Calendar February July 3, 2007

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Yay horses! I LOVE horses. So, I was delighted when Jewel & Dallas’ parents decided it was the horses they would put in next year’s calendar.
They were both absolutely gorgeous and both thoroughly enjoyed the apples I brought along (the dogs enjoyed stealing my tub of carrots while I wasn’t looking- hee hee:-))

Dallas, the chestnut-colored beauty, has a friendly kick of spunk in her and instigated the sprints around the front yard.
She likes coming up to the camera for her close-up, rolling around in the dirt and eating Mom’s flowers (because she’s not supposed to.)

Jewel enjoyed a good run as well, especially when prompted by her sister. She is a sweet, independent girl who enjoys staring into the breeze.
We waited for her to roll around in the dirt too but she knew we wanted her to so she pretended she had no desire to do any such thing. 😉


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