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Charlie – 2008 SPCA calendar December July 15, 2007

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Charlie is a mixture of something involving a terrier. Named after the hurricane which eventually brought him to the loving folks he calls family, his favorite activity is…sleeping. Charlie’s session took place on what I swear was the hottest, humidist day on record in Florida. Although it was early in the morning, Charlie really had better things to do than watch his hair frizz up and convinced me that he would be better off inside…napping. Luckily his gorgeous home had large windows on each side of the house and we had enough light to photograph the prince lounging on his throne instead of on the pool deck. 🙂
He loves to nap and positions himself in all sorts of contortions, just to keep it interesting. The only time he isn’t napping is when you’re paying attention to his feline siblings. There can be none of that because if you’re not paying attention to him, well then he just can’t get a good sleep and that’s that.

He was an absolute darling and such a snuggle butt! Thanks for keepin’ me cool Charlie!


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