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Roxy July 15, 2007

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I had the pleasure of meeting Roxy on a nice early morning last week. She enjoyed playing with the toys I brought and I enjoyed watching her unique style. Most dogs engage the squeaker on a toy by squeezing the toy between their jaws. Roxy made things squeak by leaving them on the ground and poking the squeaking area with her nose, like a button (is that considered using tools?)

She was muy scared of the camera at first but she and I spent some time learning that it doesn’t bite. And after I told her it would make her look super cute and her sisters (2 pugs who couldn’t stand the thought of a photo shoot that didn’t involve them) even more jealous, she warmed up to the idea.
She is a major sweetheart with soulful eyes, a good set of brains and a knack for relaxing.


One Response to “Roxy”

  1. Nell Says:

    Ahhh – Roxy! My best friend! We had such a blast the photo shoot. Cannot wait to order our holiday cards!

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