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Copper & Penny August 6, 2007

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If this is the kind of thing one would find in the U.S. mint, I’d be working there (although machines that make money are definitely pretty cool.) Anyway, these two are not the same breed, they are not related and they have different owners. So, I thought it was pretty neato that their names alluded to a theme. Either way, their owners are pretty lucky- they are both incredible, adorable dogs filled with personality.
Copper is a gorgeous Golden Retriever with a Pantene-ish coat who plays very well with those of a smaller stature (no, not me silly, Penny.) He likes lizards,
a good tennis ball to chew on, and treats. He also enjoyed chasing Penny and making sure she didn’t get too greedy with the toys.
Penny is a spunky dachshund/terrier who may just well win the Doggie Nascar cup this year. I’m not kidding, you should see her doing nearly invisible laps around the couch. Her pit crew is a group of invisible elves that live underneath that couch because that’s where she disappears to when she’s about to get caught (in this case, the competition was Copper.)

Our photo session took place at Penny’s Mom & Dad’s house as this was a shared Double Dog Session, yes we can do that. Although we chose that location for the fenced in yard, 99% of the photographing took place indoors because the light coming in was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for anything more- not even a studio! Thanks Heather & Bruce for the great location and thank you Sonya & Tim for getting everyone together. I had a blast.


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