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Cotton August 26, 2007

Filed under: dog photo shoot,dogs,Golden Retriever — photohound @ 1:51 pm

I had so much fun with Cotton! She’s an English Golden with a gorgeous coat, a wonderfully sweet-as-home-made-pie demeanor and a love for the pool. She amused me with her love of flying

and her laid-back approach to swimming. She likes to recline on the step and soak. And she’ll retrieve a pool toy but there’s no rush- it’s not like it’s going anywhere.
After several hours of land-water-land-water rotations, we dried off…and wore the towel around for a bit.
I put my camera away four times, preparing to leave and each time she topped her cuteness so I was forced- forced, I tell you- to take it out again and again to continue photographing. Thanks for the awesome morning, Cotton!


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