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Gracie October 25, 2007

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As you might already know, I love Cavaliers because they have floppity feet and bon bons for noses and I just want to eat them up after they’ve been dusted with chocolate flakes. Gracie was certainly no exception.


She allowed me to get to know her on two conditions…She politely demanded that I scratch her belly at every opportunity and present her with delectable treats when not performing said belly scratching activity.


I couldn’t stop squealing over her as she was such a wonderful little being. Very confident, sweet and wonderfully spoiled. How can you not spoil something with eyes like that, I mean seriously?! A huge cuddle bug in a little body. Squeeee!


Gracie loves her cushy doughnut bed (mmm…doughnuts) and rather enjoyed when I choo-chooed her around the living room floor in it. To her, it was just another day on a gondola. She also has a brand new sister (of the canine variety) who silently watched us with her giant moon eyes. The only thing that can share a trophy with Cavalier cuteness is a Cavalier who’s 8 weeks old (more squealing). When little Sophie gets older, hopefully she’ll become one of my models too. Thank you Gracie’s Dad (Brent) for giving Gracie’s Mom (Laura) a happy birthday that I got to participate in. It was a pleasure to work with all of you. šŸ™‚


One Response to “Gracie”

  1. ails Says:

    oh my goodness your pictures are soo adorable,absolutely beautiful

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