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Gibson November 14, 2007

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Gibson is a 90 pound Golden Doodle who is not yet a year old. Wow. An imposing bark upon arrival quickly gave way to what I know as the biggest goof ball I’ve ever met. Giant, bouncy and clumsy as all get out. It was awesome and I laughed the whole time.


He loves fetching things and puts his all into it, bounding through the yard with his hair goin’ all sorts of crazy. He is a giant fluff ball of love and the snuggliest thing you’d ever want to get stuck in a winter wilderness with. We played for many hours on a chilly morning and it was awesome.


It only took me a few minutes to recall where I had met him before…in my youth…on Sesame Street, playing the character of Barkley. Anyone remember? I always wanted to hang out with that giant orange dog when I was little, completely ignoring the fact that he was a puppet with a person inside. And now I have lived that dream. Thank you, Gibson.


3 Responses to “Gibson”

  1. Myra Jensen Says:


    Thank you so much for capturing Gibson at his finest. You were so professional and a pleasure to work with. Gibson was worn out when you were done!

    Myra Jensen

  2. Alicia Labrecque Says:

    He is the cutest thing ever!! What great photos….His sister, Velma, thought they were beautiful too:)

  3. Betsy Says:

    Gibson reminds me a little of Sophia, what a cutie and full of fun!

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