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Bogey & Buddy November 17, 2007

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I had a super-fun, energetic shoot with Bogey and Buddy. Bogey, a lhasa-poo is the sweetest little man I ever did see. So soft and snuggly, like that Snuggle Bear from the fabric softner commercials, except not totally creepy and Bogey didn’t give me nightmares either.


All he wants is to please and without fail, will do his rendition of Swan Lake if he thinks there’s a chance a treat may be delivered during the ovation.


Buddy is a very jack russell who single handedly contributed to my “high-energy” verbage used above to describe our session. He was so cool and so motivated to get stuff done (like shred toys and fetch things and make sure to not share them with his brother 🙂 )


He loves a good game of tug and racing, I mean racing, through the yard to capture stuffed squeakies. I really enjoyed hangin’ out with these guys and their parents. It was a great time.


Gimme a “B”! Three cheers for Bogey, Buddy and a totally bodacious photo session! 😉


One Response to “Bogey & Buddy”

  1. Domo Says:

    Wow! They are both so cute x3

    Bogey looks like my Lhasa-Poo Cody.

    Except Bogey’s ears are longer xD

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