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Mona November 17, 2007

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Oh Mona, how my heart melts for you. Mona, an english bulldog, ran around with me yesterday on the coldest morning of the year. And when I say “ran around” I mean it. Her Mom had mentioned that Mona would probably play for about 3.5 seconds and then collapse in a heap. Her Mom lied. ha ha ha!


We played on foot for about 3.5 hours (not seconds) and Mona showed me how things are done in bulldog land. She loves treats and anything that squeaks. She likes to stick her but in the air upon capturing the squeaky prey and of course snort. 🙂


We also discovered that she loves poop. You laugh but it’s true. Mona did her thing, Mom picked it up with a bag and Mona henceforth wanted NOTHING to do with toys. She was all about the poop and wouldn’t leave her poor Mom alone. It was SOOO funny. (See Mona dancing for poop below. ha ha) I started to think I could probably save a lot of money on toys if I hopped on this trend. Convince dogs that poop is more fun than toys…hmmmm…and it’s a form of recycling….and never work in this town again…ha ha!


Mona was so totally awesome, as was her Mom, as was the weather and the nature conservation area we got to stroll around in. I had so much fun and Mona got away from her little brother for some one-on-one love and affection with us. By the way, her little brother Stanley is a heartthrob and I may go back to photograph his snorty little mug in the future. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


4 Responses to “Mona”

  1. jana Says:

    mona should be a model!!!

  2. jana Says:

    oh – and her mom is TOTALLY AWESOME!

  3. Jake Says:

    Mona shows that she knows she is the “Doll” that she is. She has a little brother, that I am anxious to see Xmas. (Their Mom is my daughter, so I’m happy to be a part of her family)

  4. Jake Says:

    Mona is wonderful & she loves herm little brother

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