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Mattie & Luke November 29, 2007

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First of all, Mattie is just gorgeous. She is a lab mix who was found roaming the golf course for several weeks as a puppy. Despite the humble beginnings, it is clear that a wise and distinguished presence shines through, along with such sweetness it’s ridiculous. She gives such kind and wonderful kisses!


She loves lounging on the furniture in the living room and investigating the familiar noises through any window in the house. She is a DARLING and possesses such grace and composure. A natural beauty.


If Mattie had enough serenity to fill an ocean, Luke had enough excitement and goofiness to do the same. A husky mix filled with a wonderful compulsiveness for treats (and where they are at any given moment), he likes to suck on his stuffed toys (it’s so cute), remind you when you’ve waited a second too long to hand over a snack and generally be a loving, laughing gorgeous creature.


He has such incredible brown eyes that stand out against his Alaskan fur and he kept me on my toes the whole time. He likes being a part of everything and even when he wandered away and I told Mattie to “sit”, he would run over to do the same so he could cash in on the reward. hee hee!

These two are a wonderful pair who balance each other out in every way. It was great to work with both personalities and kept things interesting the whole time. Thank you, Debbie & BJ for having me out. The pleasure was all mine 🙂


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