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Riley December 3, 2007

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WARNING: Cuteness overload. Although Riley, a puggle, is a mere two years old he has the soul and wit of a beloved member of the AARP. I fell in love with him and was really close to stuffing him in my bag and sneaking out the door…”What dog photographer”?


As I’ve mentioned before, I often involuntarily talk to my computer monitor whilst processing and editing photos. I can’t help it, the monitor is large and the cuteness just smacks me in the face sometimes and I have to consciously tell myself to refrain from pinching my computer’s cheeks because, well, the dog’s not real and I can’t work with fingerprints.


Anyway, working with Riley in both person and digitally invoked the same amount squealing and baby talk. How cute is he?! I mean seriously! Although he will perpetually have a puppy face, his personality tends to favor an old man that you might meet in a small town who simply takes the world for what it is; a silent observer from an old recliner, stationed in front of a t.v. airing reruns of Matlock. He’s not a fan of toys but will never miss an opportunity to snack on something.


His dogness shows through when he’s with his human mom, though, as he climbs and waggles over the couch to give her kisses. I knew there was a puppy in there somewhere. 🙂 I was so excited to meet him because puggles are like the cutest thing in the whole world and he certainly delivered. We shared a quiet morning together snacking, listening to nature wake up and hanging out on Riley’s favorite part of the sofa. It was more than awesome, thank you Riley!