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Hawaii Part I (Maui) January 7, 2008

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So I was in Hawaii because my hubby had to work there for most of December. Naturally I felt really bad for him and being the good other half that I am, I made it my duty to make sure he didn’t have an incredibly horrible time. So, I reluctantly flew out there knowing that it would be no fun at all. I mean who wants to be stuck in Hawaii…what with that awful weather and dirty air and murky water that comes in via tiny waves? Are you sensing my sarcasm? IT WAS AWESOME! I spent a couple days in Maui, where he was shooting a reality show and while he worked I, of course, put on my animal radar.

I met some gorgeous friends of the avian persuasion. All of which were so friendly!



The closest thing to dogs in this resort area were piglets- yay! They are mini potbellies. The one featured below is Isabella. She wiggles her nose and wags her curly tail when she wants cheerios. hee hee!


Look at that little mouth. Squeeee!


Hand belongs to my friend, Mel, feeding Isabella a ring of heart healthy cereal.


Maui was great and I had a wonderful time. I even jumped off of a really high rock cliff (25-30 ft?) into the ocean. I am not good with heights so after much involuntary leg trembling, vertigo and counting to three about a hundred times I just went for it. It felt great and I’ll never do it again. ha ha! I have a living witness to the event but no pictures as you have to swim out to the cliff to jump it so no cameras were involved. But, I did it, I swear! 😉


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