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Hawaii Part II (Oahu) January 7, 2008

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After official business was taken care of in Maui, we hopped over to Oahu to stay with friends. My dog fix was soon taken care of just before I went into hospital-worthy withdrawals.

Kina’ole (or Kina, below left whose ears are always up) and Keau’Kea (or Kea, below right whose ears are always down) are the resident ball players and babysitters of this Haleiwa property where our friends reside in a studio apartment.


Our friend’s apartment sits between the stilts of an upstairs home, a sidewalk’s distance from the beautiful breaks of the North Shore. Just heaven. Anyway, Kina is the Mom (get out! Yep, it’s true) and definitely has the independent spirit I find in my own pit. Kea is the very different looking daughter (a recessive lab gene perhaps?) and she is SO sweet.

Pondering Kea.


Happy Kea.


Sleepy Kea. πŸ™‚


Quintessential Kea.


Kina (Mom) guarding her ball even though she wants you to throw it really bad.


Pretty girl Kina.


Mistress Kina.


Above, is what is characteristic of Kina and why I absolutely love her. I slipped out of “bed” early one morning to use the bathroom and found that another woman had quickly taken my place. Within seconds she had fluffed the pillow and squeezed under the blanket. A blurry photo is all I could muster as my eyes were barely open and the light was not yet full morning. But I needed to get proof of this crime. ha ha πŸ™‚ Although the dogs are owned by the friendly folks upstairs, they tend to sleep with whoever closed their screen door last. I found this fact delightful as I was seriously missing my dogs at this point. πŸ™‚

This picture of Kina is what Hawaii was all about for me: Never needing to turn on the air conditioner, always being able to leave your doors open and your bike unchained, a hammock, flip flops, the most beautiful plants, afternoon sunshine and the time to just sit and think.



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