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Barber Park 2.24.08 February 28, 2008

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I had a chance to visit Barber Park for the first time (Gatlin Ave. in between 436 and Conway) and it’s SO cool. There’s a separate area for big and small dogs as well agility-type playground equipment for those wishing to take it to the next level. I think that’s awesome. Anyhoo, I was there during the 3 year anniversary get-together for the local Cavalier Club. It was most fabulous and so great to meet everybody! A quick search on this blog will tell you that I adore Cavaliers because they are angelic and have the best floppity-Seuss feet. So you can imagine being around so many at once, I almost went into aCUTE cardiac arrest…Yeah, there’s a reason I’m a photographer and not a stand-up comic. Anyway, enjoy the pics! 😉

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Three cheers for therapy dogs!


Not a Cavalier but still totally adorable. 😉


Photohound in Tails Magazine! February 23, 2008

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tails-mag-image-web.jpg insert-copy.jpg

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the Tails Magazine March issue. First off, because it’s a GREAT pet mag with a GREAT mission, distributed in almost every major city in the United States. These guys really have their stuff together. Awesome features, extensive resources and the ultimate goal of taking the “less” out of homeless pets.

But, the March issue also rocks because Photohound Dog Photography and Winter Park’s very own, Dexter the Basset Hound have the cover! How cool is that?! I’ve been hinting to the folks at City Tails that a Florida edition would be a big hit so maybe we’ll get lucky in the future. In the meantime, if you have friends in Boston, Manhattan, Chicago, Texas, Philly, L.A. and beyond tell them to pick up the latest copy. You can catch up online at and view the current issue. If you’d like to start receiving the paper version they have subscriptions available ($33/year) as well as some neato merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to support rescue & adoption…which is what this current issue is all about- woo hoo!


Fleet People’s Park 2.20.08

More fun at Fleet People’s Park this week! Thanks to everyone I met for letting me play with your wonderful dogs. Everyone was so gorgeous, especially all the puppies- my lucky day!




0125.jpg 0135.jpg0137.jpg


0263.jpg 0163.jpg



0174.jpg 0185.jpg


Kiwi & Callie February 16, 2008

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0121.jpg 0083.jpg

KIWI is another Australian Labradoodle who just screams puppy (and not just because she is one, silly). She is SO cuddly and soft. I just wanted to squish up with her and take a nap on the patio.

Alas, I was there to simply capture her puppiness on camera. Good enough for me! Her tail flops back and forth, she loves to roll around in scarves and she’s always on the move.

CALLIE, Empress of the Sofa, was there too. Acting as mother (though not by genes) to Kiwi, the two are adorable toggling around together. Kiwi just looks up to Callie with such admiration and follows her every move. It’s touching.

00631.jpg 00301.jpg

Callie just LOVES the furniture. She makes you want to take the day off when you see her get in her comfy corner of the sofa…or the chair in the foyer. She is SUCH a sweet girl, a great companion and a lovely Aunt. 😉



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Comet, a beautifully coated Australian Labradoodle, is quite the handsome lad, wouldn’t you say? He’s a tad shy at first, but then admits to having a crush on you the whole time- ha ha.


He’s a stretcher and a snuggler and a sitter. He loves to just sit there, especially if we’re outside. You see, he’s used to being coiffed and always looking his best and is therefore not at all interested in getting his feet wet or playing in the yard. He much prefers to curl up inside or antagonize is sweet sister.


I enjoyed watching him come out of his shell, take his post in the foyer as defense against intruders and poking fun at his froo froo-ness. hee hee!


Fleet People’s Park 2.5.08 February 7, 2008

00331.jpg 0024.jpg

I spent a lovely couple of hours at Fleet People’s Park in Winter Park this week. Why? Because I’ve been traveling, photographing at dog parks all over the place and haven’t been to one locally in quite some time. The nerve I have! So, I packed up and went to go meet some new friends. And I did. And they were more than ridiculously, stupendously CUTE! I’m also going to make this a habit because it really is so much fun.

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0073.jpg 0014.jpg 00681.jpg

00051.jpg 0022.jpg



Krewe of Mutts, Baton Rouge February 5, 2008

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So, I was in Louisiana for a little while and I absolutely loved everything about it (except the extra stuffing I developed around my mid-section). Although I was there working on a film, you better believe I found time to scope out the local dog scene. Therefore, I was thrilled when I got the day off to attend the Krewe of Mutts Mardi Gras parade! Brought to us by CAAWS (Capital Animal Welfare Society) This year’s theme was, get this….“Viva Paws Vegas! What Happens in the Kennel, Stays in the Kennel”.

0084.jpg 0023.jpg

Fo shazzle chiuazzle! These guys will ruff you up if you’re caught countin’ cards.


These guys, on the other hand, prefer looking too adorable on the sidelines.

0005.jpg 0007.jpg



If only I didn’t have two dogs, I would’ve come home with fifty.

0030.jpg 0031.jpg 0037.jpg


0033.jpg 0035.jpg 0036.jpg

I could not stop laughing at this! Not only is it one of the best costumes I’ve seen but the way the poor dog (who can’t see ahead of him- ha ha!) searched for random treats on the ground lent itself so well to the nature of the bird costume. A drunk parrot clumsily foraging for seed was all I needed to put tears of laughter in my eyes.

0041.jpg 0045.jpg 0057.jpg

0049.jpg 0062.jpg

Little bundles and baskets of Mardi Gras joy!

0009.jpg 0060.jpg

0001.jpg 0085.jpg

0081.jpg 0079.jpg

0059.jpg 0054.jpg

0088.jpg This event was just so super cool. Great time, great costumes and beads and bones for everyone! One thing about Louisiana that I completely fell in love with is the common bond that unites everyone in the whole state. Pick your passion: LSU Tigers, Mardi Gras, Cajun food and crawfish. Everyone is enthusiastic and has such pride about what their state has to offer that no matter where you went you realized everyone could share in something. It’s nice to have all those people (and dogs!) in on the same joys and I got kind of jealous. So, I made sure to pack my bags full of king cake and boudin for the trip home. And, I look very forward to my next stay there.  And maybe I can start my own Florida pride club here, uniting people around, I don’t know, condominiums?  🙂