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Comet February 16, 2008

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Comet, a beautifully coated Australian Labradoodle, is quite the handsome lad, wouldn’t you say? He’s a tad shy at first, but then admits to having a crush on you the whole time- ha ha.


He’s a stretcher and a snuggler and a sitter. He loves to just sit there, especially if we’re outside. You see, he’s used to being coiffed and always looking his best and is therefore not at all interested in getting his feet wet or playing in the yard. He much prefers to curl up inside or antagonize is sweet sister.


I enjoyed watching him come out of his shell, take his post in the foyer as defense against intruders and poking fun at his froo froo-ness. hee hee!


One Response to “Comet”

  1. Tracy Says:

    He is so cute!
    I love that first one… the eye is so sharp!
    Do you manually focus? I find it’s hard to manually focus when animals are running about but I also find it’s hard to get the auto focus to focus on the eyes rather than the nose sometimes.

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