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Harmony Doggie Easter Egg Hunt March 25, 2008

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Happy Easter! Last weekend I celebrated Harmony, FL‘s First Annual Doggie Easter egg hunt. Woo hoo!

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I bet your wondering why a dog would care or want to find a plastic egg…this, my friend, is the neatest part. There were actual dog edible Easter eggs!

Yesiree dog, they are hollow molds of gourmet dog biscuit coated with carob in a delightful array of spring colors. And they smelled delicious. Okay, okay…I tried a bite so there! The outside tasted like ice cream sprinkles which I do enjoy. I did pass on trying any of the biscuit inside- I promise.

0419.jpg 0441.jpg

Gentlemen dressed in their Saturday best.


Will the real Easter bunny please stand up?


This bloodhound puppy was egg-static about the treat he found! (these jokes are horrible, I’m aware.)


Even the local sandhill cranes turned out for the festivities…either that or they were just looking for their eggs. Okay, I’m pretty sure a rotten tomato will come flying out of my computer in a matter of seconds so I will spare anyone who reads this the continuing pain of my early morning quips. 🙂

This was a great event and everyone had a lot of fun. Harmony, FL is located near St. Cloud, is an environmentally conscious community (yay!) and has some pretty neat events year-round. I recommend checking out their Dark Sky Festival on April 5th because when was the last time you were able to actually see all the stars in the sky at night?



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I met Zoe at the Annual Paws in the Park fundraiser at Lake Eola in February and could tell right away that it was really not her thing. Dogs are so…I don’t know, below her. You see, of course, she’s a human that happens to look like a Weimeraner and the indignity of being strapped to a leash around hundreds of drooling heathens was just ridiculous. “What made you think I’d enjoy this and where can a girl get a cosmopolitan around here?” she seemed to say.


And so it was, we met again- just us girls- on a quiet morning at Lake Eola for her photo shoot. She really enjoys bird watching, and there was no mistaking that she couldn’t care less about any other dogs that strolled by. After all, she’s not a dog so that would make sense.

0064.jpg 0004.jpg

She has no interest in toys but she’ll do anything for a snack (we have that in common). She loves hanging close to her Mom, must have Starbucks every morning, and is a very sweet and highly sophisticated city girl.

0016.jpg 0025.jpg

What I really enjoyed was being able to spend a couple hours with her, where she allowed her “vulnerabilities” to show through displaying sweet, comical and almost dog-like qualities. 😉