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FurBall 2008! May 4, 2008

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Last night was the annual FurBall Auction, which is a BIG fundraiser for the SPCA of Central Florida. It’s a really fun time what with all the food, booze and fabulous items up for grabs. Including…the chance to have your pet appear in the 12-month SPCA calendar, complete with a Photohound photo session. Held each year at Sea World Orlando Ports of Call, there’s always a good show and some new animal friends to meet (see below 🙂 )

Bidders above tracking their bids at the Photohound/Calendar table, waiting for the clock to run out. The cover of the calendar was part of the live auction segment and the final bid was in the thousands- woo hoo! That’s SO MUCH dog and cat food for these guys! Yay!

By far one of the best parts was getting to meet a two-toed sloth whom I got to pet. Yes, I am still 5 years old, thank you. He snacked on lettuce and carrots and squash while people stood in awe at his beauty. There was also the darling creature on the right whom I can’t remember the name for the life of me. I do know that it comes from South America and it’s related to the ringtail cat. It’s SOOO cute and when it gets nervous it softly sucks on it’s own hand, equivalent to a child sucking its thumb. It was captivating.  Many thanks to the staff, volunteers and supporters of the SPCA of Central Florida for making this event amazing!


One Response to “FurBall 2008!”

  1. Robin Says:


    Thank you! What sweet words! I was just on looking at the cover and scrolled down and saw the blog on FurBall! Of course you know the calendar is such a hit because of you! And the calendar is going to be great this year!

    Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiam! It is always such a joy to see your artistic photos!

    ~ Robin

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