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Logan May 16, 2008

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Logan is a 6 month old golden doodle who sometimes gets to play with the same ratty ball, is lucky if he gets a good treat and maybe, just maybe a little love and affection now and then. Okay, he’s spoiled rotten and everything in the first sentence is a complete lie- hee hee 🙂 Logan LOVES him some squeaky ball retrieval and fancies the tiny cheese cubes his mom packed in his lunch.

He gets to go to work with Dad every morning and play with his sister and Mom when he gets home. He has friends all over the state and is quite popular with the ladies- ha ha. And, move over Oprah, it won’t be too long before this rising star has his own talk show. I’ve already made it clear to Logan that when he interviews Edward Norton (sigh) for the first time, I want an autograph and a hair sample. In the meantime, I give Logan a big thanks for the memories! 🙂


2 Responses to “Logan”

  1. ails Says:

    Your pictures are really nice…. the dogs in them are sooo beautiful.

    take care

  2. shayna Says:

    i love my golden doodle!!!



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