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Izzie June 5, 2008

Filed under: Havanese — photohound @ 12:41 pm

Izzie (Isabelle) is a wonderfully delightful Havanese whom I had the pleasure of spending a morning with. She is soft and snuggly and oh so sweet as pie. A camera-shy streak in the beginning gave way to the natural model that she is (she has a few show ribbons under her belt) and I enjoyed watching her come out of her shell.

I adore the white-gray puff that sits on top of her head and the rare moments that her eyes peek through. She is a fun-loving and free spirit who enjoys a good crazy dog run, her trademark butt dance and collapsing for a belly rub.

Thank you Izzie for bringing the character that brightened my day! 🙂


One Response to “Izzie”

  1. TeamKlemm Says:

    Love these! I am a little partial to the Havanese anyway….. 🙂
    The one with Izzie’s tongue sticking out is my favorite! I love some of the unique and distinctive markings you find on the Hav’s like the little white puff on her head you mentioned or there is a little spot or different colored fluff somewhere. They are such a delightful breed and of course, you one again capture her essence!

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