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Thor & Loki June 8, 2008

Filed under: Great Dane — photohound @ 8:44 am

Take two. Yes, I had the awesome pleasure of photographing this pair again. They are simply amazing. And their paws are the size of my entire hand…a little bigger in fact.

In the past year, Thor has been taking some time off to think about life. Specifically the life that is now sharing his home…a new baby! 🙂 Okay, by new I mean a year old now and by baby I do mean a human. A very ADORABLE human too! Although Thor pretended it all wasn’t happening at first, he now acknowledges that he has a brother and that this super cute dude is stickin’ around for a while. Thor still gets as much attention as he ever did and is a perfect gentleman…even when he accidentally gets whacked by the baby swing that he chooses to walk in the path of- hee hee!

Loki is still the lovely host of the house, and she still gets behind the furniture to bark when you come in- ha ha! I’m just mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and calm nature. She also has an aloofness that she chooses to portray when she feels like it…and then she decides she likes her picture taken and tries to steal Thor’s thunder- ha ha. She’s a ham underneath it all. Her Mom tells me she took to the baby immediately and is the perfect nursemaid.

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with these gentle giants and I was very happy to have a reunion. Many thanks to their wonderful family for it all. 🙂


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