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Lucky & Molly June 13, 2008

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As I started to write this post, I kid you not, I described this dog as happy-go-yeah, lucky. Not because of his name but because that’s exactly what he is so it fits perfectly. However, it’s doubly sweet because his last name is Clover, for real. How adorable, right?!

I felt a tad under dressed when I arrived, seeing as Lucky had dressed in his Friday finest. But, he assured me, he’ll probably end up fetching too much and taking his clothes off anyway. Hey, that’s my kinda party! Totally kidding, ANYWAY… he was a perfect gentleman to match the black tie affair I had showed up at.

And he LOVES the ball of course. When playing by himself, he will choose a lighter fare of stuffed animal gizzards but when he has a partner, ball’s the game. I know what he’s talking about, I got just as obsessed with throwing the ball as he did intently tracking and catching it. He was so good at catching!

Okay, and the impression he does of Bill Cosby (just above) is uncanny!

Molly is an incredible young lady of high energy and lots of love. She has ball fever as well but treats fall on the same plane so she could have either and be perfectly happy. Just so long as she’s occupied you will get along just fine. She is such a speedy fetch-er and has so much fun that I had to make her rest so she would actually take a break. She gets so excited and it’s really fun to watch her enjoy her accomplishments. 😉

She also dressed for the occasion, sporting a set of pearls. Together, she and Lucky made a dashing couple! The pearls also came off with his bow tie as she likes to let loose and have fun too- hee hee!

Yeah, that pretty much says it right there.

Molly uses her fabulous combination of sweetness, attitude and female persuasion to get first dibs on everything when it comes to Lucky and the dynamic between the two is perfect. He just stays in the background and lets her have her way. Good boy! 😉


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