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Availability Update July 21, 2008

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What a wonderful summer it’s been so far! I’ve gotten to meet SO MANY incredible animals and their families: Thank you everyone!

As many of you know (or if you’ve read my bio on the Photohound website), “When I’m not digging holes with dogs, I often freelance in the film & TV industry”. Well, It’s that time again! For the next several weeks I’ll be taking post on a TV show, while trying not to daydream too much about dogs.

Therefore, my next available booking dates are for the month of September and beyond, on a stand-by basis. This just means that if you’d like to book a session, I will get all of your information and let you know as soon as specific dates are available- first come, first called.

Obviously this will not affect already booked & confirmed appointments, you guys are solid and good to go! 🙂

And just a note: I will probably be doing a lot of my photography work in the wee hours so email will be the best way to correspond.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you again!


Muffin Man, Tansey & Duke

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These pups are all part of a family called Compassionate Canines, a small dog rescue organization here in Winter Park, FL. Although I photographed only 3 (and they are spoken for by the wonderful woman who runs the organization) I did meet the rest and let me tell you…if I had more space in my apartment boy would I be in trouble. If you are looking to add to your family, please check out the rest of the sweeties on her website. 🙂


What a fitting name, right?! He is SOOOO cute. An incredibly friendly chap who loves to smile. He doesn’t ask for much, just a little relaxation and some attention now and then. I wanted to stuff him in my camera bag and take him home.

And this is funny… his Mom had mentioned that he responds the song “Do you Know the Muffin Man”. So, I decided to try it out while working with him. It’s HYSTERICAL! The minute you start singing it, he tilts his head and becomes completely engrossed in you. And it didn’t matter how incredibly awful I sang (there is no other way for me) or that I felt like a total doofus, I did it anyway and I did it a lot. My apologies to the neighbors 😉


To call Tansey (as in Mark Tansey) a miniature schnauzer would be an understatement. She is 5 lbs at a year old. I know, how adorable is that? She’s a bundle of energy, must have all the attention and LOVES to play.

She is too cute for words and having grown up with Schnauzers I got to take a step back to childhood for a while which is always fun. 😉


Don’t let the name fool you, Duke is super shy but sooo freakin’ adorable! He’s reserved and serious and likes to hang in the background until one of his siblings comes to rough him up. hee hee

He taps around and thinks about things and he just makes you want to dip him in chocolate and eat him up! hee hee!! 🙂


Sasha & Goldie July 14, 2008

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I first photographed Sasha last year when she was an only child- hee hee! She was a shy and playful and we had a good play time. She now has a little sister. And we know what children do to us…They make us mature and wise and mellow, which is exactly what she exuded this time.

She still has a playful spirit but she had such an increased air of maturity about her, allowing her new sister to fill the role of puppy. She spent some quiet time relaxing and taking a few breaks to give it back to Goldie when Goldie started in on her 😉

Goldie is an energetic mix of what a DNA test says is Chow (her ears give it away for me). I’m willing to bet the house that there’s a big chunk of Golden Retriever in her too. She compliments Sasha very well as differing personalities often do. She’s (pardon the expression) ballsy and not in the tennis kind of way, charging into the center of fun like a well-groomed gladiator. Her thoughts start in the body and the mind catches up, evident in the way she leaps and pounces without caring for what lay ahead, be it cushions or Sasha or people. And I certainly don’t mean the undisciplined kind of jumping, she’s taken her obedience lessons to heart. But she has a definite personality of a tom boy with a mind of her own. 😉

She also is the only dog I’ve ever known to actually CATCH lizards. Yes, most dogs here in Florida chase them but it’s strictly for sport and that’s only because they can’t catch them like cats can. Goldie catches them. Talent show anyone?

She loves to create fun, thoroughly enjoys a good swim to cool off and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to start a game of tug or tease-the-sister. 😉



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Sierra is a Rottie-Shepherd mix with a super sweet demeanor. She thoroughly enjoys relaxing on the patio, smiling her definite Rottie smile. 🙂

She enjoys cookies although she settled for crumbs as she’s on a bit of a diet 😉 A true sweetheart and an excellent friend, I had a very mellow and relaxing session with her by the pool. Thank you, Sierra!


Octavious July 9, 2008

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Octavious. All week long before our session I found myself wandering around my house singing his name to the tune of that Dannon “Activia” commerical. “Octaviouussss!” (I think I should stop leaving the tv on when I’m not watching it.)

The funny thing is that Octavious does not eat yogurt (to my knowledge) and “activities” are certainly not on his agenda for Sunday mornings. 🙂 He wants to do what normal people do on Sundays…nothing. I don’t blame him, he’s really good at it- hee hee!

He likes to lounge by the pool in his favorite chair. And when it gets a little warm he likes to go inside and lounge. He loves to be around his Dad!

Octavious was an absolutely wonderful sport ,despite his not having any interest in sports, and sat outside with me on this quite morning while I told him how handsome he was. He photographs beautifully and was a joy to work with.


A Whole Lotta Love July 8, 2008

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Yes, there are six dogs in this post. And, yes, all six are part of the same household! Self-proclaimed “foster failures” 🙂 , their people-parents have done an amazing job in providing them all a wonderful and loving home, creating an incredibly harmonious pack of superb characters.


This lovely Aussie mix lives for the frisbee. She’s wonderfully energetic and easily steps into the role of yard boss when her siblings are running around willy nilly. She darts out super fast to catch a flying disc and is very determined when it comes to practicing this craft. A true sportswoman. 😉


Brutus is another Aussie mix but with quite the opposite demeanor. He will skip around for a few steps but mostly prefers to observe the common folk as they practice their plebian play rituals. He is serious, reserved and wise. Oh, and he’s a sucker for cookies 😉


He’s just hilarious! He’s Mr. Shy upon first introductions but that soon gives way to the totally silly character he is. The comedy for Riley results from the fact that he doesn’t know he’s funny. Kind of like the dude who always has a piece of spinach in his teeth and never knows it or wears mismatching neon colored socks…and you love him simply because of it. 😉


Goofball central! ha ha! Jackson is absolutely adorable, with his blocky lab head and his un-ending energy. He LOVES playing and he doesn’t even need you to help. He will entertain himself for hours. In fact, while I was working with one of his siblings by the pool, I caught site of him out in the yard…by himself…running back and forth with the frisbee, completely caught up in the moment he created for himself. It’s awesome.


Maggie was petrified of the camera at first although you’d never know it by the way she was hoggin’ it by the end of the session. She just needed a little reassurance from Mom and then it was off to Hollywood. ha ha! She also loves, guess what…the frisbee! And is quite the competitor when racing with her sister of the same litter, Sydney (below).


A little angel who loves a good game of disc-chasin’ in the yard but also enjoys being the shy girl that she is and cuddling up on the couch. She has a very sweet demeanor and compliments her sister very well. They are an adorable and totally lovable team.

This was an amazing two sessions and I had a wonderful time with these dogs. They are all rescues and all came with their own harrowing stories that would make you sick just thinking about it (Riley, for example was found in the garbage as a puppy. There goes that lump in my throat.) So, to see them in all their glory, living their full potential as incredible, loving and unique dogs just makes me so happy. A big applause for their “foster-failure” parents as I couldn’t think of anywhere better they could’ve ended up. 🙂