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A Whole Lotta Love July 8, 2008

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Yes, there are six dogs in this post. And, yes, all six are part of the same household! Self-proclaimed “foster failures” πŸ™‚ , their people-parents have done an amazing job in providing them all a wonderful and loving home, creating an incredibly harmonious pack of superb characters.


This lovely Aussie mix lives for the frisbee. She’s wonderfully energetic and easily steps into the role of yard boss when her siblings are running around willy nilly. She darts out super fast to catch a flying disc and is very determined when it comes to practicing this craft. A true sportswoman. πŸ˜‰


Brutus is another Aussie mix but with quite the opposite demeanor. He will skip around for a few steps but mostly prefers to observe the common folk as they practice their plebian play rituals. He is serious, reserved and wise. Oh, and he’s a sucker for cookies πŸ˜‰


He’s just hilarious! He’s Mr. Shy upon first introductions but that soon gives way to the totally silly character he is. The comedy for Riley results from the fact that he doesn’t know he’s funny. Kind of like the dude who always has a piece of spinach in his teeth and never knows it or wears mismatching neon colored socks…and you love him simply because of it. πŸ˜‰


Goofball central! ha ha! Jackson is absolutely adorable, with his blocky lab head and his un-ending energy. He LOVES playing and he doesn’t even need you to help. He will entertain himself for hours. In fact, while I was working with one of his siblings by the pool, I caught site of him out in the yard…by himself…running back and forth with the frisbee, completely caught up in the moment he created for himself. It’s awesome.


Maggie was petrified of the camera at first although you’d never know it by the way she was hoggin’ it by the end of the session. She just needed a little reassurance from Mom and then it was off to Hollywood. ha ha! She also loves, guess what…the frisbee! And is quite the competitor when racing with her sister of the same litter, Sydney (below).


A little angel who loves a good game of disc-chasin’ in the yard but also enjoys being the shy girl that she is and cuddling up on the couch. She has a very sweet demeanor and compliments her sister very well. They are an adorable and totally lovable team.

This was an amazing two sessions and I had a wonderful time with these dogs. They are all rescues and all came with their own harrowing stories that would make you sick just thinking about it (Riley, for example was found in the garbage as a puppy. There goes that lump in my throat.) So, to see them in all their glory, living their full potential as incredible, loving and unique dogs just makes me so happy. A big applause for their “foster-failure” parents as I couldn’t think of anywhere better they could’ve ended up. πŸ™‚


8 Responses to “A Whole Lotta Love”

  1. nicole Says:

    Lovely portraits! You really captured their awesome little spirits.

  2. Bev Says:

    These 6 dogs are the greatest. I love the picts.

  3. Tracy Says:

    Yay! What fun and gorgeous pups… each and every one of them! Someday, when I have a house with a big yard, I’ll have me a crew of pups just like that! : )
    And what fabulous people who took them all in… I love them.
    I want to beat the person who would dump Riley, or any dog, in the garbage!!

  4. Mia Says:

    Gosh this looks like a fun household. You’ve managed to capture each of their personalities so uniquely.

  5. terrah Says:

    I love this series. Beautiful puppin family!

  6. photohound Says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments- these dogs are just amazing, each and every one of them! πŸ™‚

  7. TeamKlemm Says:

    Having my daughter working at the local animal shelter, I really can appreciate this family taking in this hodge-podge pack of pups! What a wonderful thing to take this gang on! I am sure they get as much out of it as the pups do πŸ™‚

  8. Rachel Says:

    Lovely . I love the two tone eyed dogs.

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