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Sasha & Goldie July 14, 2008

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I first photographed Sasha last year when she was an only child- hee hee! She was a shy and playful and we had a good play time. She now has a little sister. And we know what children do to us…They make us mature and wise and mellow, which is exactly what she exuded this time.

She still has a playful spirit but she had such an increased air of maturity about her, allowing her new sister to fill the role of puppy. She spent some quiet time relaxing and taking a few breaks to give it back to Goldie when Goldie started in on her 😉

Goldie is an energetic mix of what a DNA test says is Chow (her ears give it away for me). I’m willing to bet the house that there’s a big chunk of Golden Retriever in her too. She compliments Sasha very well as differing personalities often do. She’s (pardon the expression) ballsy and not in the tennis kind of way, charging into the center of fun like a well-groomed gladiator. Her thoughts start in the body and the mind catches up, evident in the way she leaps and pounces without caring for what lay ahead, be it cushions or Sasha or people. And I certainly don’t mean the undisciplined kind of jumping, she’s taken her obedience lessons to heart. But she has a definite personality of a tom boy with a mind of her own. 😉

She also is the only dog I’ve ever known to actually CATCH lizards. Yes, most dogs here in Florida chase them but it’s strictly for sport and that’s only because they can’t catch them like cats can. Goldie catches them. Talent show anyone?

She loves to create fun, thoroughly enjoys a good swim to cool off and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to start a game of tug or tease-the-sister. 😉


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  1. WOW!!! You have a true gift!!

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