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Peiton, Kalina & Maddox May 20, 2008

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Peiton is the pug/sharpei/queen bee of this three-dog household and was such a pleasure to get aquainted with. Upon my arrival she was napping heavily in her favorite spot in the kitchen and I swear she had a dreamy smile on her face.

She’s 13 years young and I was expecting her to open one eye and then resume her slumber. Instead, she seemed to be quite interested and excited that activities lie ahead, almost thrilled that her parents and I had gathered around her bed and invited her. “Oh, there’s a party you say? Well, how long have I been sleeping, did I miss anything and where are the hors d’oeuvres?” She has a strong character and is incredibly young at heart. And that face- oh heavens! She was great company and kept me very entertained the whole time.

This photo reminds me of a movie still from American Beauty. And Peiton is definitely that.

Kalina is obviously a GORGEOUS cattle dog whose liquid eyes just make your heart flutter. She is so sweet and incredibly smart. She loves attention, a good scratch on the butt and a snuggle. Speaking of snuggling, she could pass for a bunny rabbit. Can you get any cuter?!

Maddox is the dashingly handsome lab-mix above who has impeccable manners and considers himself the man of the house. And who wouldn’t with those wonderful ladies to watch over? 😉 He’s a little shy at first but will warm up to a handful of cookies and underneath the manly exterior he likes to flaunt, he is definitely a lab…willing to please and sweet as pie. He definitely completes this pack who share the common trait of melty eyes. These dogs were all so great to work with. Seniority always rules however, and it is for this reason you will find Peiton as the cover model of the 2009 SPCA calendar when you buy yours this year. 🙂