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Muffin Man, Tansey & Duke July 21, 2008

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These pups are all part of a family called Compassionate Canines, a small dog rescue organization here in Winter Park, FL. Although I photographed only 3 (and they are spoken for by the wonderful woman who runs the organization) I did meet the rest and let me tell you…if I had more space in my apartment boy would I be in trouble. If you are looking to add to your family, please check out the rest of the sweeties on her website. 🙂


What a fitting name, right?! He is SOOOO cute. An incredibly friendly chap who loves to smile. He doesn’t ask for much, just a little relaxation and some attention now and then. I wanted to stuff him in my camera bag and take him home.

And this is funny… his Mom had mentioned that he responds the song “Do you Know the Muffin Man”. So, I decided to try it out while working with him. It’s HYSTERICAL! The minute you start singing it, he tilts his head and becomes completely engrossed in you. And it didn’t matter how incredibly awful I sang (there is no other way for me) or that I felt like a total doofus, I did it anyway and I did it a lot. My apologies to the neighbors 😉


To call Tansey (as in Mark Tansey) a miniature schnauzer would be an understatement. She is 5 lbs at a year old. I know, how adorable is that? She’s a bundle of energy, must have all the attention and LOVES to play.

She is too cute for words and having grown up with Schnauzers I got to take a step back to childhood for a while which is always fun. 😉


Don’t let the name fool you, Duke is super shy but sooo freakin’ adorable! He’s reserved and serious and likes to hang in the background until one of his siblings comes to rough him up. hee hee

He taps around and thinks about things and he just makes you want to dip him in chocolate and eat him up! hee hee!! 🙂