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Jessica November 7, 2007

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Can you say cutie-patootie?!


Jessica has little puff paws and serious eyes. She is an excellent listener and loves treats. She also loves having long distance conversations with all of the dogs in the neighborhood. Oh my gosh, and she wears pearls. hee hee!! Very presidential. 😉


Our session luckily fell upon a crisp cool day perfect for squeaky toys and and good ol’ poolside lounging. Speaking of squeaky, when Jessica doesn’t get a treat in the amount of time deemed satisfactory she cooes like a pigeon.  It’s pretty funny and it made me deliver that cookie every time.  (I’m trained easily.)  She was most patient with me and liked tearing the stuffing out of the doggie loofa. 😉


A gorgeous coat and cheeks that just beg to be pinched, she was a little joy. Thanks to the St. Laurent family for having me out to do my thaang. Jessica was truly delightful. 🙂


Ashley, Molly & Hershey- 2008 SPCA Calendar October July 3, 2007

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I had a great time with these three and they live within walking distance of my own house so I’m sure I’ll see them on a stroll sometime again soon.
Ashley the cocker spaniel may be the smallest but she manages to keep all the others under control by means of a GIANT heart. Following close behind that heart is a huge heap of patience as well as a bit of creativity (Honestly, she offered suggestions of places to sit and angles to shoot so I can’t take all the credit for her cute pics- she told me what to do 🙂
Molly is the sister half of the same-littered lab duo. She is smart, independent, likes to be chased and also likes her ball. What she doesn’t so much like is swimming. When prodded she goes REALLY slow and then remains on the stairs to watch for the remainder of play time. Swimming is for her brother.
Hershey (yes, he’s a chocolate). He’s very inquisitive, very willing to please and SO ridiculously cute. He loves treats and his face just kept me in hysterics. I know he thinks about profound things but I just couldn’t figure out what. 🙂


Hugga Bear, Honey & Sugar May 11, 2007

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Could anything be any sweeter? Seriously. Hugga Bear is the big gordon setter (read: giant camera hog). I just wanted to, well, hug him all day long. He was so full of love and kindness and he had to be the center of photographic attention at all times. Everytime I set my camera up to snap a picture of Honey or Sugar a giant black blob would move into the frame and just sit there. He was superb and so willing to please I just wanted to wrap him up and take him away.
Honey and Sugar are cocker spaniels whose faces I just wanted to squish and pinch. They were so frickin’ cute. Both had an affinity for chasing bubbles and were quite good at it, tag team style (Hugga was afraid of bubbles and opted to unstuff a toy instead.) Sugar was the mommy’s girl and needed to know where Mom was at all times and Honey was a little more independent (especially when the bubbles came out.) Both were also the sweetest, cutest, kindest little things I ever did see. I had so much fun working with all of them! Thanks you guys 🙂