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Brutus, Scooter & Ziggy September 27, 2008

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Brutus is a Boxer. (This could totally be an episode of Sesame Street).  He is also a charmer, a comedian and a puppy.  About 6 months old now, he is a riot to watch and play with.

He makes the funniest faces because, of course, he is all lips!  Which serves him well since he sings along with the harmonica- tee hee- that was hysterical!

He is a barrel of monkeys and a ball of sunshine; never wasting an opportunity to make me laugh or shed some sweetness over everyone.

Scooter, I’m sure you’ve already guessed, is one of the cutest things on planet earth.  Oh, and he’s a Miniature Dachshund.  He loves his papasan chair and chasing lizards.

He also has the most kissable, squishable little muffin feet- hee hee!  🙂

He was quite attentive, in between his lizard hunting obligations, and he loves cookies (which is probably why he was quite attentive ;-))  He is serious but casual and has a very sweet and patient character.

He is a little joy and manages to avoid getting stepped on too much by his brothers.  😉

Ziggy is the sweet and soulful Brittany Spaniel, topping the hierarchy of the three-dog gang.  He is a wise 14 years old but don’t think the spunk has retired…

He loves to take a good squirm in the grass.  He certainly loved the crunchy delectables that I brought along and he definitely likes to read the breeze on a nice afternoon.

He also has the CUTEST little freckled nose, right?!

I had to share this because it’s pretty much hysterical.  You see, Ziggy is like the retired Sunday morning cartoon in that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  This instance (and the many other photos I took of his “smile”) resulted from the fact that I happened to have a treat in my other hand.  Well, Brutus came wandering over and stuck his nose in the air.  Ziggy had worked too hard for the treat so he decided to let Brutus know this simple fact.  For the record, there was no snarling, growling, lunging, what-have-you and Brutus knows when to take a hint so there was no danger.  This was all occurring in timely fashion: When I pulled the camera away from my eye, Ziggy would stop “smiling”.  And the minute I looked back through the viewfinder, it was his cue to force the smile.  This left me laughing so hard I could barely take a photograph.  But I did, quite a few, and then I thanked him for giving me a preview of his Halloween costume before the general public.  I felt quite entitled.

These boys were simply amazing.  They all get along so great, minding their p’s and “cues”.  They are full of love and sugar and spice and everything nice (yes, it’s still boys I’m talking about) and they made my day.  I was very honored to have been able to get to know them.


Fiona & Charlotte June 12, 2007

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I had seen these two at events over the past two years and wanted to shoot them so bad! So when their Mom booked a session I felt like I had finally been asked to the prom (sigh). The mutt-acious combination of which they are created couldn’t be cuter as I just wanted to eat them up.
Fiona is a Pug/Beagle/Terrier who, according to her Mom, resembles the creature in Alien: Resurrection. I agree, except Fiona’s WAY cuter (and less slimy). She’s not a big fan of the grass and she has stark white terrier hairs on her face that stand out great.
Charlotte is a Dachshund/Cavalier mix who goes cuh-RAZY over tennis balls. She’s even climbed book shelves to retrieve hidden ones! She’s low to the ground and plows right throught the yard when one is thrown. So fast, that she’s back before I could even get the camera up to my eye!
She’s so funny and she didn’t mind me throwing a sheet over her head, either. She’ll do anything if the end result is a ball being thrown.

I had a lot of fun with these guys and it didn’t end up like Lenny and the rabbits from Of Mice & Men. It totally could have too, because I just wanted to pet them and pet them and pet them and pinch their little cheeks and pet them….