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Soprano October 18, 2007

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Soprano was rescued as a puppy by his loving parents who have made it their duty to spoil him for all his days. He is a 110 pound concoction of several somethings who planted himself upright in my lap on several occassions- ha ha! He loves to be loved.


Whisked away from a more-than-questionable environment, Soprano now only drinks filtered water (I passed the test on that one :-)). Don’t try and trick him either, his parents tell me, or else he’ll stand at his bowl and stare at you until you fix the problem. There is a complete absence of any threatening bone in his body as all he really wants out of life is to roll over to have his belly rubbed. Hand-feeding him dates and fanning him with palm fronds would also be just as acceptable.


The type of exercise he prefers involves digging a hole to Tibet via his favorite corner of the yard and then slumping down for a cold-Earthed snooze. He LOVES the dirt.


He also loves ice cream! His Mom makes homemade ice cream treats that he REALLY enjoys. Yum Yum! It was great to work with him and his awesome parents- thanks Kim & Felix! And, Soprano, thanks for the super fun session. BA-DA-BING!


Casey & Baxter- 2008 SPCA calendar June June 7, 2007

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Casey (Lab/Chow) & Baxter (Chow/Shepard) are two peas in a pod. Sometimes Casey wants the whole pod to herself but who can argue? hee hee. They both made my day fun and easy.

Casey is not into toys or balls (and she calls herself half lab- hmph!) and she has such a SWEET personality paired with melty eyes.

She also makes her legs into porkchops when she lies down which I always fancy.

Baxter is the more “mature” of the pair and borrows Casey’s ears once in a while to make sure he’s keeping up on the news. A true sweetheart with a wise soul and enjoys perpeptually circling the yard for whatever reason he did not tell me. 🙂

He also KIND OF looks like Jack Nicholson.


Tessa Rose May 23, 2007

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Tessa Rose lives in Naples, FL. She likes boating, playing with her “dob dob” and cracking stone crab claws. She came up to Orlando to visit her brother (who happens to be a person, not a dog) and we played at his house. She was totally great to work with- such a sweetheart! We played in a little lot next door where she had no interest in chasing squirrels or running into the street (love it).
Her main concern was where the liver treats were at any given moment and whether her Mom & Dad were still on the planet. She has this incredible German Shepherd’s “beak” that reminds me of a Jim Henson creation which only makes her that much more adorable.
She was an excellent model (it’s a South Florida thing, I believe) and we got done just in time for a raging thunderstorm to strike. (Luckily, I made it home in time to save the life of a door.) Thank you, Tessa Rose, for your patience and prettiness- you made my job so easy.