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Bela, Lily & Blaze June 16, 2008

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A beautiful day, a beautiful lake and gorgeous dogs!

Bela is the lab/hound mix of this trio and harbinger of all attention (one is not permitted to pet or otherwise provide notice of anyone else while in her presence.) 🙂 She has liquid brown eyes that tug at your soul and a talent for tracking fish.

She loves the water and gets up high to search for schools of fish (usually taking her position on the boat, while docked) only to come dashing down when she spots them in hopes of one day catching “the big one”.

She’s a fabulous play mate and kept me completely entertained. Her hound-ness shows right through when a passing boat or jet skier skims by… you can’t mistake her alert signal as she HOWWWWWLLLLSSS!! 😉

Lily is a darling combination of Chow and Corgi (who’da thunk?) She is (a) gorgeous (b) super soft and (c) taps right along with purpose wherever she goes. A true sweetheart.

She also has a naturally inquisitive nature and will ENDLESSLY search for the source of spontaneous bubbles. I thought she was being hospitable, you know, digging up two dozen clams to serve me (on the half shell) with some drawn butter. Turns out, her parents discovered, she’s actually chasing the sulfur bubbles that pop up. It’s her favorite past time. I don’t blame her, it looks so refreshing. 😉

Her face makes me talk to my computer. Can you blame me?

Blaze is an Afghan hound mix currently serving his reign as King of the Dock, according to Dad. He does a good job of it too. When he’s not governing boat land he’s actually kind of a shy guy. Very particular.

He’s not a big fan of wet grass. Didn’t seem to have much use for sand or splashing around in the water. He’s charmingly reserved and prefers his safety zone of the sofa right next to Mom & Dad. He’s a lover boy.

And when you’re the only dude of the dog family, it’s just wise to let the women take the lead and stay out of the way- ha ha 😉 He is really so sweet and loving and he just makes you want to curl up with him on the couch and watch movies.

I had a wonderful morning, even getting to get my footsies wet in the lake. It was awesome, I’m not gonna lie. These dogs are way cool! Oh, and I also got to meet the kitty which, I was informed, is pretty much like getting an appointment with the Queen of England so that was pretty neat. She even took post near the bottom of the stairs to watch some of the photo shoot. 😉


Lucky & Molly June 13, 2008

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As I started to write this post, I kid you not, I described this dog as happy-go-yeah, lucky. Not because of his name but because that’s exactly what he is so it fits perfectly. However, it’s doubly sweet because his last name is Clover, for real. How adorable, right?!

I felt a tad under dressed when I arrived, seeing as Lucky had dressed in his Friday finest. But, he assured me, he’ll probably end up fetching too much and taking his clothes off anyway. Hey, that’s my kinda party! Totally kidding, ANYWAY… he was a perfect gentleman to match the black tie affair I had showed up at.

And he LOVES the ball of course. When playing by himself, he will choose a lighter fare of stuffed animal gizzards but when he has a partner, ball’s the game. I know what he’s talking about, I got just as obsessed with throwing the ball as he did intently tracking and catching it. He was so good at catching!

Okay, and the impression he does of Bill Cosby (just above) is uncanny!

Molly is an incredible young lady of high energy and lots of love. She has ball fever as well but treats fall on the same plane so she could have either and be perfectly happy. Just so long as she’s occupied you will get along just fine. She is such a speedy fetch-er and has so much fun that I had to make her rest so she would actually take a break. She gets so excited and it’s really fun to watch her enjoy her accomplishments. 😉

She also dressed for the occasion, sporting a set of pearls. Together, she and Lucky made a dashing couple! The pearls also came off with his bow tie as she likes to let loose and have fun too- hee hee!

Yeah, that pretty much says it right there.

Molly uses her fabulous combination of sweetness, attitude and female persuasion to get first dibs on everything when it comes to Lucky and the dynamic between the two is perfect. He just stays in the background and lets her have her way. Good boy! 😉


Peiton, Kalina & Maddox May 20, 2008

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Peiton is the pug/sharpei/queen bee of this three-dog household and was such a pleasure to get aquainted with. Upon my arrival she was napping heavily in her favorite spot in the kitchen and I swear she had a dreamy smile on her face.

She’s 13 years young and I was expecting her to open one eye and then resume her slumber. Instead, she seemed to be quite interested and excited that activities lie ahead, almost thrilled that her parents and I had gathered around her bed and invited her. “Oh, there’s a party you say? Well, how long have I been sleeping, did I miss anything and where are the hors d’oeuvres?” She has a strong character and is incredibly young at heart. And that face- oh heavens! She was great company and kept me very entertained the whole time.

This photo reminds me of a movie still from American Beauty. And Peiton is definitely that.

Kalina is obviously a GORGEOUS cattle dog whose liquid eyes just make your heart flutter. She is so sweet and incredibly smart. She loves attention, a good scratch on the butt and a snuggle. Speaking of snuggling, she could pass for a bunny rabbit. Can you get any cuter?!

Maddox is the dashingly handsome lab-mix above who has impeccable manners and considers himself the man of the house. And who wouldn’t with those wonderful ladies to watch over? 😉 He’s a little shy at first but will warm up to a handful of cookies and underneath the manly exterior he likes to flaunt, he is definitely a lab…willing to please and sweet as pie. He definitely completes this pack who share the common trait of melty eyes. These dogs were all so great to work with. Seniority always rules however, and it is for this reason you will find Peiton as the cover model of the 2009 SPCA calendar when you buy yours this year. 🙂


Dog Fest 2008 April 25, 2008

How much fun was this?! I’ll tell you. Combine a bunch of dogs, a worthy charity and a flowing bar and you’ve got the best doggone street party this side of the Atlantic. Dog Fest is held annually in downtown Orlando and benefits the Cian Griffin Cystic Fibrosis Fund. I had so much fun and met so many awesome people with equally awesome dogs. There was music, mingling and contests which included a dog that, get this….peed while standing on his two front legs. Twice. For an audience. I know! VIEW THE COMPLETE BATCH OF PHOTOS AND ORDER PRINTS AT WWW.PICTAGE.COM/430607

Excuse me sir, it’s illegal to park in front of a fire hydrant.


Nellie & Barney April 23, 2008

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I really love my job. And dogs like these two just perpetuate that feeling of glee.

Nellie is the SWEETEST and I mean SWEETEST little joy that ever was. She is a lab at 11 years old but has the face of a puppy, a really super cute puppy too. I just melted every time she looked at the camera. She was rescued from a bleak life where she was consistently providing puppies and ’till this day is still looking for that last litter she was separated from.

She is an old soul and I can only imagine what a good mommy she was to her pups. She is wise and gentle and has such a calming and peaceful energy about her.

Her step-brother Barney has a story of his own too. One day Barney decided to take a walk to Orlando…from MIAMI! He ended up on the rainy doorstep of his current and loving owner where he was quickly absorbed into the family. (We know he came from Miami because of his microchip and his former owner confirming that fact.) Barney is an attention getter and a lap sitter and he has to have all of you, all at once. Although he holds Nellie in high regard, he’d much rather be receiving the petting thank you very much.

We snuggled, he and I, but much to his disappointment he discovered it’s a lot easier for me to take his picture when he’s not in my lap. He also insisted that I shell out treats at the pace of a slot machine or else he’d give me a talking to. He is truly an angel, a perfect snuggle buddy and he knows what he wants and goes for it.

I had an absolutely wonderful time with these two and their owners (a mother and daughter who are equally as warm and welcoming as their dogs) 🙂


Fleet People’s Park 2.20.08 February 23, 2008

More fun at Fleet People’s Park this week! Thanks to everyone I met for letting me play with your wonderful dogs. Everyone was so gorgeous, especially all the puppies- my lucky day!




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Mattie & Luke November 29, 2007

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First of all, Mattie is just gorgeous. She is a lab mix who was found roaming the golf course for several weeks as a puppy. Despite the humble beginnings, it is clear that a wise and distinguished presence shines through, along with such sweetness it’s ridiculous. She gives such kind and wonderful kisses!


She loves lounging on the furniture in the living room and investigating the familiar noises through any window in the house. She is a DARLING and possesses such grace and composure. A natural beauty.


If Mattie had enough serenity to fill an ocean, Luke had enough excitement and goofiness to do the same. A husky mix filled with a wonderful compulsiveness for treats (and where they are at any given moment), he likes to suck on his stuffed toys (it’s so cute), remind you when you’ve waited a second too long to hand over a snack and generally be a loving, laughing gorgeous creature.


He has such incredible brown eyes that stand out against his Alaskan fur and he kept me on my toes the whole time. He likes being a part of everything and even when he wandered away and I told Mattie to “sit”, he would run over to do the same so he could cash in on the reward. hee hee!

These two are a wonderful pair who balance each other out in every way. It was great to work with both personalities and kept things interesting the whole time. Thank you, Debbie & BJ for having me out. The pleasure was all mine 🙂


Sandy & Dexter October 15, 2007

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I got to spend several lovely hours with two brothers who couldn’t be more different while both being totally awesome! Sandy is a yellow lab who LOVES to tear stuffed toys to shreds, play a mean game of tug-o-war and own the pool. He loves belly flopping!


Dexter, the basset hound is of the more low-key variety who prefers lounging on the outdoor chaise, reading the breeze and generally not partaking in such carrying on. If he could talk, we would discover that he is an intellectual who has answers to many of life’s questions.


I did see him do a doggie sprint lap around the yard with his cute little legs but after that it was time to sit and ponder the universe.


These guys were SO cute and SO sweet all I could do was give them kisses squeal over them. 🙂


Sabi September 23, 2007

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Sabi is a 7 year old DARLING who embodies the best of both Lab and Greyhound, of which he is a gorgeous mix. A wonderful temperament, a face that makes you want to cry for no reason and a true pleasure to hang out with on an early morning. We played around in the new grass he is happy to have in

his yard and it was there that I discovered he just loves toys….to tear apart. hee hee!

He listens very well and is a perfect gentleman at parties (I’ve known him for a while now and he is always a welcome guest at any neighborhood BBQ or birthday fiesta.)

A wonderful creature with a wonderful soul and the kind of friend that everyone should have. Thank you, Blair (Sabi’s Mom) for rising and shining with us. 🙂


Puppies!!! September 3, 2007

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Who doesn’t love puppies, especially when they are labradoodles! I had so much fun with these about-to-go-off-to-loving-homes kids. I photographed the variety pack of scrumptious flavors (Cream, Apricot and Chocolate). They all had such great personalities too. Cream was very independent and certainly had the spunk in between snoozing.


Apricot wants to be part of the group and likes a little more attention.


Chocolate was an adorable little Momma’s boy. Unless he is sitting in your lap, he is screaming as he just wants to be enveloped in love. Mission accomplished. 😉


In a couple weeks I get to go back and photograph Mom & Dad. If you are ever interested in an Australian Labradoodle (and rescue-adopting is not an option) I can attest that these kids and their parents are incredibly well taken care of and start their precious lives off with lots of love and care in a wonderful environment. You can out find more about these guys at