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Kiwi & Callie February 16, 2008

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KIWI is another Australian Labradoodle who just screams puppy (and not just because she is one, silly). She is SO cuddly and soft. I just wanted to squish up with her and take a nap on the patio.

Alas, I was there to simply capture her puppiness on camera. Good enough for me! Her tail flops back and forth, she loves to roll around in scarves and she’s always on the move.

CALLIE, Empress of the Sofa, was there too. Acting as mother (though not by genes) to Kiwi, the two are adorable toggling around together. Kiwi just looks up to Callie with such admiration and follows her every move. It’s touching.

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Callie just LOVES the furniture. She makes you want to take the day off when you see her get in her comfy corner of the sofa…or the chair in the foyer. She is SUCH a sweet girl, a great companion and a lovely Aunt. 😉



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Comet, a beautifully coated Australian Labradoodle, is quite the handsome lad, wouldn’t you say? He’s a tad shy at first, but then admits to having a crush on you the whole time- ha ha.


He’s a stretcher and a snuggler and a sitter. He loves to just sit there, especially if we’re outside. You see, he’s used to being coiffed and always looking his best and is therefore not at all interested in getting his feet wet or playing in the yard. He much prefers to curl up inside or antagonize is sweet sister.


I enjoyed watching him come out of his shell, take his post in the foyer as defense against intruders and poking fun at his froo froo-ness. hee hee!


Callie & Bonnie October 18, 2007

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Callie is the wonderfully incredible Mom of Bonnie. She’s also the wonderfully incredible Mom of the puppies seen further below (several posts down). I got to come back and photograph Callie and the puppy that her human Mom & Dad decided to keep. Oh joyful day!


Callie is so cool and patient and laid back. She is a great Mom, she likes to use the outdoor coffee table as a chaise lounge and loves treats!


Then there was Bonnie, whom I couldn’t look at without singing the Fraggle Rock theme song.  Gosh, I miss that show.  Both her and her Mom were not actually born but created in Jim Hensen’s workshop as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I love them- because they are living muppets…and hypoallergenic (as labradoodles are known to be) to boot! I had to restrain myself from tying strings around their paws and putting on my own puppet show- ha ha!


Bonnie has incredible character and although she wasn’t in the bunch that I photographed before, she is part of the same litter and I found it really neat to be able to come back and see how much she’s grown. Still a puppy, of course, but she has discovered and LOVES squeaky toys. She’s a very fast cruncher of treats and that’s how she squeaks a toy, rapid succession. I was laughing out loud.


She is also now potty trained and can sit and lay down on command. Baby genius? Who cares, she’s freakin’ adorable and I’m very happy to have worked with the both of them. Very fun!


Puppies!!! September 3, 2007

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Who doesn’t love puppies, especially when they are labradoodles! I had so much fun with these about-to-go-off-to-loving-homes kids. I photographed the variety pack of scrumptious flavors (Cream, Apricot and Chocolate). They all had such great personalities too. Cream was very independent and certainly had the spunk in between snoozing.


Apricot wants to be part of the group and likes a little more attention.


Chocolate was an adorable little Momma’s boy. Unless he is sitting in your lap, he is screaming as he just wants to be enveloped in love. Mission accomplished. 😉


In a couple weeks I get to go back and photograph Mom & Dad. If you are ever interested in an Australian Labradoodle (and rescue-adopting is not an option) I can attest that these kids and their parents are incredibly well taken care of and start their precious lives off with lots of love and care in a wonderful environment. You can out find more about these guys at