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Lucy & Fifi April 26, 2008

Of course they’re poodles!

Lucy, the apricot colored dame, is 14 years old and still retaining a youthful glow and a hearty appetite. 😉 She loves treats, relaxing and snuggling in her Mom’s arms. Her mom owns a killer hair salon in Metrowest and was kind enough to give the girls a little trim before our shoot.

Lucy therefore displayed a beautiful pair of eyes and some bangs, which I hear are in now. 🙂 She is incredibly sweet, obviously adorable and a perfect partner to watch the sun go down with.

Fifi is the younger adopted sister of Lucy who cares less about relaxing and more about chasing. Namely lizards, frogs and squirrels. However, when all of the above are in safe hiding, Fifi imagines critters up and chases after those as well. I’m not kidding, she seemed to find creatures taunting her in the pool (possibly a poodle monster reflection), on a bare spot of pool deck, in a motionless patch of grass or stone. She was a constant whirlwind of activity, never in the same place for more than a blink.

And just when I thought I might actually have a millisecond to snap a picture, she’d see a bird in her peripheral…30ft in the sky above…and bolt across the yard as it flew parallel and always out of reach. It was hilarious! And although she never actually catches anything, I give her a big “A” for effort, imagination and perseverance . I so wish my dogs could entertain themselves like that for hours. Fifi has a gorgeous little face of wonder and determination and I admire her for it. I had a wonderful time with these girls.


Sabi September 23, 2007

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Sabi is a 7 year old DARLING who embodies the best of both Lab and Greyhound, of which he is a gorgeous mix. A wonderful temperament, a face that makes you want to cry for no reason and a true pleasure to hang out with on an early morning. We played around in the new grass he is happy to have in

his yard and it was there that I discovered he just loves toys….to tear apart. hee hee!

He listens very well and is a perfect gentleman at parties (I’ve known him for a while now and he is always a welcome guest at any neighborhood BBQ or birthday fiesta.)

A wonderful creature with a wonderful soul and the kind of friend that everyone should have. Thank you, Blair (Sabi’s Mom) for rising and shining with us. 🙂


Chelsea – 2008 SPCA Calendar November July 25, 2007

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I had a bright and early shoot (as frequent during this time of year, to avoid afternoon gloom and doom) with Chelsea the other day and it couldn’t have been more peaceful. She is a very sweet, very thoughtful, very soulful golden with a white face that marks the wonderful years she’s graced her family’s life. She enjoys swimming but we didn’t partake in that activity that day. Instead, Chelsea let me watch her think her thoughts and sometimes played with a stuffed heart that I brought along- like she needed any more heart.
Okay, I have to poke fun here…somehow I also happened to catch her doing a REALLY ACCURATE IMITATION OF A SLOTH (see above) ha ha- she should go on Letterman.
Anyhoo, she recently had a bit of surgery so we kept it very low energy and the photographs make me feel relaxed when I look at them.
Thank you kindly, Chelsea. 🙂


Sassy – 2008 SPCA Calendar August July 3, 2007

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Sassy is a charming little dame with a knack for relaxing. A retired racing pup, she was adopted by a loving family and has mastered the art of doing nothing -hee hee. This is not a bad thing at all! As her Mom says, after racing for 5 years she certainly deserves it. I agree. She likes chicken snacks, tracking squirrels (duh, read “greyhound”) and lounging in her bed or any other carpeted area.
She showed me what she was made of when she got the urge to do lightning bolts around me in the yard. Very fast indeed. She then decided it was time to rest and it was getting a little too hot outside. I managed to get some purty little shots of her where she’s most happy. Lying down. Inside. Sassy has a sweet little reindeer face and I had much fun getting to know her.



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I had the privilege of meeting the most ball-driven being I think I’ve ever encountered, even for a yellow lab. Honestly, we played for two straight hours on land, in water and everything in between and Beau still was shakin’ crazy over the ball.
It truly was a sight. He’s very determined, very focused and very excited…about balls. If you hide the tennis ball, he grabs a soccer ball. He leaps into the pool, he charges into thick brush- he is virtually unstoppable. He was a GREAT play mate and so fun to watch. I left Beau’s house to grab some breakfast and two cups of coffee couldn’t keep me awake. It’s usually the dog that needs a nap after I leave, but not today. Beau, I thank you for switching it up a bit- I went home and had a very pleasant snooze. 🙂


Ashley, Molly & Hershey- 2008 SPCA Calendar October

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I had a great time with these three and they live within walking distance of my own house so I’m sure I’ll see them on a stroll sometime again soon.
Ashley the cocker spaniel may be the smallest but she manages to keep all the others under control by means of a GIANT heart. Following close behind that heart is a huge heap of patience as well as a bit of creativity (Honestly, she offered suggestions of places to sit and angles to shoot so I can’t take all the credit for her cute pics- she told me what to do 🙂
Molly is the sister half of the same-littered lab duo. She is smart, independent, likes to be chased and also likes her ball. What she doesn’t so much like is swimming. When prodded she goes REALLY slow and then remains on the stairs to watch for the remainder of play time. Swimming is for her brother.
Hershey (yes, he’s a chocolate). He’s very inquisitive, very willing to please and SO ridiculously cute. He loves treats and his face just kept me in hysterics. I know he thinks about profound things but I just couldn’t figure out what. 🙂


Luke – 2008 SPCA Calendar July June 20, 2007

I really enjoyed playing with Luke because I felt like I was playing with my own dog, Maya. Luke is a pit mix, like mine. Black, like mine. However, Luke is much better behaved, well-mannered and a boy. Luke’s Mom and I sat out in the neighborhood park for a couple hours. Luke chased lizards, chased toys, read the morning news in the breeze and tried to sneak a game of tug WHEREVER an opportunity presented itself (the photographer’s sweaty washcloth, the photographer’s lens cloth, the photographers plastic cover sheet) and it was hysterical because he was always trying to plot his next tug operation like we didn’t know what was going on- ha ha!
Tug-of-war is not encouraged by his parents and I want to take a moment and APPLAUD them for giving the breed a chance and a great home. I am a bully breed owner and mine came with a slew of problems (see thunderstorm anxiety and any other stereotypical pit frustration) but I wouldn’t give her up for the world and I’m obsessively responsible regarding her interactions with other animals/people.
When you have a great dog like Luke that can act as an example as how wonderful and sweet the breed can be (he LOVES giving kisses) I hand it to the owners for spreading the word. I want to see more Lukes! Anyway, I had tons of fun with Luke while noticing the similar endearing mannerisms that he shares with my own little girl (tilting his head back to enjoy the breeze, taking toys apart in the same meticulous way, and moments of deep thought on a quiet morning outdoors.)


Fiona & Charlotte June 12, 2007

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I had seen these two at events over the past two years and wanted to shoot them so bad! So when their Mom booked a session I felt like I had finally been asked to the prom (sigh). The mutt-acious combination of which they are created couldn’t be cuter as I just wanted to eat them up.
Fiona is a Pug/Beagle/Terrier who, according to her Mom, resembles the creature in Alien: Resurrection. I agree, except Fiona’s WAY cuter (and less slimy). She’s not a big fan of the grass and she has stark white terrier hairs on her face that stand out great.
Charlotte is a Dachshund/Cavalier mix who goes cuh-RAZY over tennis balls. She’s even climbed book shelves to retrieve hidden ones! She’s low to the ground and plows right throught the yard when one is thrown. So fast, that she’s back before I could even get the camera up to my eye!
She’s so funny and she didn’t mind me throwing a sheet over her head, either. She’ll do anything if the end result is a ball being thrown.

I had a lot of fun with these guys and it didn’t end up like Lenny and the rabbits from Of Mice & Men. It totally could have too, because I just wanted to pet them and pet them and pet them and pinch their little cheeks and pet them….


Miss Lady Godiva May 15, 2007

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I finally got to spend the day with Lady Godiva, the rat terrier, today. For anyone who doesn’t know, Lady’s in retail. She owns Houndstooth Bakery in Winter Park, FL. And because she’s such a nice dog, she lets her human Mom, Bo, pretend that she owns it. Bo gets to pay all the bills and perform all the manual labor while Lady has the very important job of demonstrating to customers how nice it is to relax in the latest floor model dog bed. Sometimes she demonstrates that all day. She’s also in charge of cookie quality control and babysitting the cat, George.
So, I finally got to hang out with Lady at her house and the park today. Now, Lady’s not what you’d call an “outdoors-ey type”. Although, she was a great sport about getting her feet wet this morning. And by feet wet, I mean the morning dew on the grass. She’s not a big fan, but she did it for a little cheese- heh heh. Thanks, Lady. However, as expected she drew the line at coming close to sand, water or anything that resembled the two (even a dock.) So funny! She did do the crazy-dog run at unexpected moments (which is what qualifies a crazy dog run- you all know what I’m talking about) so that was great to watch. She displayed a passion for turkey like you wouldn’t believe and gave me those little glassy eyes each time. She also has this great little nose that tries really hard to hop off of her face to sniff things. It’s so funny. She’s a great little independent spirit and I’m glad I finally got to have some one-on-one time with her. Even though I’m sure she’s mad at me because it prevented her from going to “work” today. Career women, sheesh!


Bridgette May 11, 2007

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I had a really nice session today with Bridgette the poodle. She showed up all done up with a new ‘do and a pair of yellow ribbons in her hair. Miraculously they stayed in the entire time! After Bridgette’s Mom and I were told to leave our spot by a bunch of stupid ants, we settled on the other side of the lake and watched a wedding take place in the distance. The breeze was just right and Bridgette had a blast bounding through the freshly cut lawn (that came up to her shoulders- ha ha!) Her little poodle puff legs collected all sorts of things that day. She minded her Mom & I very well when we told her not to go crash the wedding. She did, however take offense to the child-size garden statues in the park. They got a good barking at. What did they think they were doing just standing there in the roses anyway? Hmph!