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Lucy & Fifi April 26, 2008

Of course they’re poodles!

Lucy, the apricot colored dame, is 14 years old and still retaining a youthful glow and a hearty appetite. 😉 She loves treats, relaxing and snuggling in her Mom’s arms. Her mom owns a killer hair salon in Metrowest and was kind enough to give the girls a little trim before our shoot.

Lucy therefore displayed a beautiful pair of eyes and some bangs, which I hear are in now. 🙂 She is incredibly sweet, obviously adorable and a perfect partner to watch the sun go down with.

Fifi is the younger adopted sister of Lucy who cares less about relaxing and more about chasing. Namely lizards, frogs and squirrels. However, when all of the above are in safe hiding, Fifi imagines critters up and chases after those as well. I’m not kidding, she seemed to find creatures taunting her in the pool (possibly a poodle monster reflection), on a bare spot of pool deck, in a motionless patch of grass or stone. She was a constant whirlwind of activity, never in the same place for more than a blink.

And just when I thought I might actually have a millisecond to snap a picture, she’d see a bird in her peripheral…30ft in the sky above…and bolt across the yard as it flew parallel and always out of reach. It was hilarious! And although she never actually catches anything, I give her a big “A” for effort, imagination and perseverance . I so wish my dogs could entertain themselves like that for hours. Fifi has a gorgeous little face of wonder and determination and I admire her for it. I had a wonderful time with these girls.


Nellie & Barney April 23, 2008

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I really love my job. And dogs like these two just perpetuate that feeling of glee.

Nellie is the SWEETEST and I mean SWEETEST little joy that ever was. She is a lab at 11 years old but has the face of a puppy, a really super cute puppy too. I just melted every time she looked at the camera. She was rescued from a bleak life where she was consistently providing puppies and ’till this day is still looking for that last litter she was separated from.

She is an old soul and I can only imagine what a good mommy she was to her pups. She is wise and gentle and has such a calming and peaceful energy about her.

Her step-brother Barney has a story of his own too. One day Barney decided to take a walk to Orlando…from MIAMI! He ended up on the rainy doorstep of his current and loving owner where he was quickly absorbed into the family. (We know he came from Miami because of his microchip and his former owner confirming that fact.) Barney is an attention getter and a lap sitter and he has to have all of you, all at once. Although he holds Nellie in high regard, he’d much rather be receiving the petting thank you very much.

We snuggled, he and I, but much to his disappointment he discovered it’s a lot easier for me to take his picture when he’s not in my lap. He also insisted that I shell out treats at the pace of a slot machine or else he’d give me a talking to. He is truly an angel, a perfect snuggle buddy and he knows what he wants and goes for it.

I had an absolutely wonderful time with these two and their owners (a mother and daughter who are equally as warm and welcoming as their dogs) 🙂


Bogey & Buddy November 17, 2007

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I had a super-fun, energetic shoot with Bogey and Buddy. Bogey, a lhasa-poo is the sweetest little man I ever did see. So soft and snuggly, like that Snuggle Bear from the fabric softner commercials, except not totally creepy and Bogey didn’t give me nightmares either.


All he wants is to please and without fail, will do his rendition of Swan Lake if he thinks there’s a chance a treat may be delivered during the ovation.


Buddy is a very jack russell who single handedly contributed to my “high-energy” verbage used above to describe our session. He was so cool and so motivated to get stuff done (like shred toys and fetch things and make sure to not share them with his brother 🙂 )


He loves a good game of tug and racing, I mean racing, through the yard to capture stuffed squeakies. I really enjoyed hangin’ out with these guys and their parents. It was a great time.


Gimme a “B”! Three cheers for Bogey, Buddy and a totally bodacious photo session! 😉


Puppies!!! September 3, 2007

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Who doesn’t love puppies, especially when they are labradoodles! I had so much fun with these about-to-go-off-to-loving-homes kids. I photographed the variety pack of scrumptious flavors (Cream, Apricot and Chocolate). They all had such great personalities too. Cream was very independent and certainly had the spunk in between snoozing.


Apricot wants to be part of the group and likes a little more attention.


Chocolate was an adorable little Momma’s boy. Unless he is sitting in your lap, he is screaming as he just wants to be enveloped in love. Mission accomplished. 😉


In a couple weeks I get to go back and photograph Mom & Dad. If you are ever interested in an Australian Labradoodle (and rescue-adopting is not an option) I can attest that these kids and their parents are incredibly well taken care of and start their precious lives off with lots of love and care in a wonderful environment. You can out find more about these guys at


Vegas June 8, 2007

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The name says it all. A couple wild nights before I arrived, Vegas partied and came home with a mohawk which was TOTALLY AWESOME! He is a 1 year old Golden Doodle who is not golden by any means and his grey-white face gives more the impression that he shares his age (and party life) with Keith Richards. You know what they tell young dogs about too much sniffing…

Appearances proof nothing however as Vegas is totally drug free (not even doggie ritalin), doesn’t eat people food (except the banana he pulled out of the garbage the other day) and goes to school every other day. He also is a total freak about his ball and loves to nuzzle.

Vegas, you rocked. Thanks for the hard core game of fetch 😉


Bridgette May 11, 2007

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I had a really nice session today with Bridgette the poodle. She showed up all done up with a new ‘do and a pair of yellow ribbons in her hair. Miraculously they stayed in the entire time! After Bridgette’s Mom and I were told to leave our spot by a bunch of stupid ants, we settled on the other side of the lake and watched a wedding take place in the distance. The breeze was just right and Bridgette had a blast bounding through the freshly cut lawn (that came up to her shoulders- ha ha!) Her little poodle puff legs collected all sorts of things that day. She minded her Mom & I very well when we told her not to go crash the wedding. She did, however take offense to the child-size garden statues in the park. They got a good barking at. What did they think they were doing just standing there in the roses anyway? Hmph!