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Kiwi & Callie February 16, 2008

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KIWI is another Australian Labradoodle who just screams puppy (and not just because she is one, silly). She is SO cuddly and soft. I just wanted to squish up with her and take a nap on the patio.

Alas, I was there to simply capture her puppiness on camera. Good enough for me! Her tail flops back and forth, she loves to roll around in scarves and she’s always on the move.

CALLIE, Empress of the Sofa, was there too. Acting as mother (though not by genes) to Kiwi, the two are adorable toggling around together. Kiwi just looks up to Callie with such admiration and follows her every move. It’s touching.

00631.jpg 00301.jpg

Callie just LOVES the furniture. She makes you want to take the day off when you see her get in her comfy corner of the sofa…or the chair in the foyer. She is SUCH a sweet girl, a great companion and a lovely Aunt. 😉