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Miss Lady Godiva May 15, 2007

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I finally got to spend the day with Lady Godiva, the rat terrier, today. For anyone who doesn’t know, Lady’s in retail. She owns Houndstooth Bakery in Winter Park, FL. And because she’s such a nice dog, she lets her human Mom, Bo, pretend that she owns it. Bo gets to pay all the bills and perform all the manual labor while Lady has the very important job of demonstrating to customers how nice it is to relax in the latest floor model dog bed. Sometimes she demonstrates that all day. She’s also in charge of cookie quality control and babysitting the cat, George.
So, I finally got to hang out with Lady at her house and the park today. Now, Lady’s not what you’d call an “outdoors-ey type”. Although, she was a great sport about getting her feet wet this morning. And by feet wet, I mean the morning dew on the grass. She’s not a big fan, but she did it for a little cheese- heh heh. Thanks, Lady. However, as expected she drew the line at coming close to sand, water or anything that resembled the two (even a dock.) So funny! She did do the crazy-dog run at unexpected moments (which is what qualifies a crazy dog run- you all know what I’m talking about) so that was great to watch. She displayed a passion for turkey like you wouldn’t believe and gave me those little glassy eyes each time. She also has this great little nose that tries really hard to hop off of her face to sniff things. It’s so funny. She’s a great little independent spirit and I’m glad I finally got to have some one-on-one time with her. Even though I’m sure she’s mad at me because it prevented her from going to “work” today. Career women, sheesh!